Quilt Tops

Here are 5 of the newest quilt tops finished:

54” x 54” constructed of 2 Half Moon Modern charm packs and 1.5 white charm squares.

54” x 54” constructed of 2 Vintage Modern charm packs, 1 Wonderland charm pack I’ve had for years and a handful of extra white squares

57” x 47.5” constructed of 10” square of Ten Little Things and few random blue, orange and yellow fabrics (perfect as a picnic blanket for my nephews)

56” x 56” constructed of a Salt Air jelly roll. It does remind me of being at the beach.

53” x 53” constructed of stash fabrics. The dotted background fabric is great; wish I had more of it but happy to use my stash.

Most of these tops were pieced with no plan in mind. Just stitch and see what happens. Lots of fun to make and they will make great gifts once quilted.

P.S. To my family, don’t be surprised if you find yourself the recipient of one of these come December.

3 Replies to “Quilt Tops”

  1. Wow! They are all so bright and inviting! Very nice.

  2. I want some of whatever is giving you so much energy! I really like the solids quilt–you have a great eye for color combos :O)

  3. They are super cute! Congrats on getting so much accomplished.

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