Week 7 Creations

It’s been a very busy week. So much crocheting, you’d think I was sick of it, but I already have a scarf started today! 1. Green glued trading cards for a Gluebooks exchange 2. ATCs for a Nervousness exchange (quotes theme) 3. ATCs for a Nervousness exchange (Women Who Kick Ass theme) 4. Red scarf […]

New Toy

Look what arrived on our doorstep last night! I love my iPod shuffle. And I love Troy even more for helping to get it all set up. I don’t have many music files resident to my ibook at home, I usually just link to the thousands of files on Troy’s computer. But unfortunately, it doesn’t […]

Week 5 Creations

Part of the upgrade was to allow me to use ecto for posting. Hopefully it will make posting faster though it is not something I can currently control. Sorry for the wonkiness of the page, but the pics are all thumbnails now and you can click them to see a bigger image if you like. […]


As you can see, I’ve been changing a few things – well Troy has really, he’s the super tech guru. Despite his best efforts we couldn’t transfer the comments with the upgrade. But given the volume of comment spam I was receiving, I think I can deal. Soon, I’ll get the journal looking the same […]

Music Tag!

Hope tagged me – and why not reveal my music habits? 1. Total amount of music files on your computer: On my home computer about 3 hours worth – but when I’m home I can snag iTunes from Troy’s computer that has 6000 files or roughly 18 days of music before it starts to repeat […]

Week 4 Creations

A set of ATC using postage and some gluecards I created with scraps from other creations this week. Valentine Gluecards for an exchange and my handmade valentines to send to friends. Envelopes for 2 exchanges 2 scarves because I feel like crocheting all the time now I created this journal (and filled 14 pages inside) […]