Week 37 & 38

1 2 3 4 5 (click on the thumbnail for a larger image) 1. Quilt to bring my grandparents to my wedding memories. I missed having them there in person, but I think they watched from the afterlife. 2. Art doll – she will travel to 4 others to be completed. Thus far I only […]

New Job

I started my job today. It was…not good. The highlight of the day was realizing how good the benefits are. I discovered that I have a different position than originally described and the department is going through radical changes that they either just found out about or hid how unstable it was during the interviews. […]

Wedding Photos

We recieved the wedding photos from our photographer. A huge thank you to Tim Steffens for taking the photos and to his wife, Amy Worgan, for all her help during the set-up. Here are my favorite portraits: Here are some pictures of the wedding set-up: And other fun pictures: And if you those were too […]

Weeks 32-36

Beyond the wedding most of my creations for the last 5 weeks have been in setting up our apartment and job searching. I know it’s not a ‘craft’ but this does show you where I make some of my crafts. I ended up creating seperate spaces for myself – this one is supposed to be […]


We are here in Cincinnati. Our place looks like a tornado went through. It was a hard move – harder than the last (4 years ago). We threw out lots of junk and clutter as we packed, but not enough! The unpacking goes slow. We unloaded the truck on Saturday and by the time people […]