New Perspective

Of course, I could make just one handstand quilt! These are such a delight and so fun to assemble. I adore the bare feet in the sky and how her hair is pooling in the field of flowers. Sometimes your need a new perspective (9” x 12”) As July is wrapping up, I hope you […]

Dip Net Fishing

A fellow artist challenged me to make a quilt of a guy fishing on the Kenai. It’s salmon fishing season here in Alaska, so there have been lots of photos to inspire some quilts. Since I can’t make just one quilt at a time, I created two dip net fishing quilts. Each is 12” x […]

New Journal Style

I’ve been trying a new journal making method – these are made so that the notebook pages inside can be traded out once full. I use elastic cord for the binding and closure – adding a metal tags for embellishment. I tried two size: 4” x 6” and 6” x 8”. I plan to try […]