What’s a girl to do when she’s had an allergic reaction to antibiotics? Piece quilt tops so her hands will be too busy to scratch her very itchy skin! Thankfully the rash and itch have cleared up and I managed to finish 3 quilt tops and blocks for a 4th so I consider it a […]

Text Fabrics

I am often asked about the text fabrics I use to create my girl quilts. I collect anything and everything with words, numbers and patterns on a white, cream or tan background (sometimes blue, black and green too) that could be ideal for ‘skin’ on my girls. Many of these fabrics are referred to by […]

What’s Next?

I’ve pulled out fabrics I have been collecting to start a few larger quilts as wedding gifts. I love making my creative girl quilts, but creating blocks and patchwork can be relaxing. The happy colors of these collections are helping me ease into spring since it’s still quite snow covered here. DS Quilts Quarters Various […]

Lists and Box Making

With a bit over 2 weeks until I hang my art quilts for the show, I spent part of the weekend checking things off my to do lists. I needed boxes as packaging for my larger quilts to go into (when not on the wall). I tried ordering some but the shipping to Alaska was […]

Scrap Clean Up

What’s a girl to do with leftover wool felt that has been glued to paper? Glue them to bigger sheets of paper and sew, sew, sew. It think they will soon become book covers or maybe fabric postcards. At least they are now ready for something new instead of taking up valuable desk space in […]

Celebrate Everyday

Peek at a project I sent off to a magazine for possible publication For months, now my husband has been changing the words on our chalkboard to celebrate the day. We’ve had New Sofa Day, First Friday, Sam’s Club Shopping, Taco Tuesday. Thanks for my recent dental surgery, we are currently celebrating Soft Food Fortnight. […]