Welcome Snow

The Girdwood Center for Visual Arts is having a mixed media show next month with a theme of winter playground. This is one of two pieces I created. Winter is my favorite season and I love walking outside as the snow falls. The piece celebrates the welcome experience of snow falling, of enjoying the quiet […]

Gallery Views

View of my art in the Girdwood Center for Visual Arts (GCVA) – mid December View of my art last weekend When I working in the gallery once a month or so, I have fun rearranging my display space. I also love seeing how the other artists have changed their displays. I always enjoy seeing […]

Yarn Fun

After making sweater vests for my kitties, I kept crocheting until I finished this baby blanket. Can you tell my friends had a girl? None of the yarns are alike, all acquired or inherited at different times It’s got a lot of different textures but all so soft. My helpers are still playing withe left […]

Kindred Spirits

Kindred Spirits (7” x 10”) These mini art quilts can seem repetitive, but I document the variety that can be achieved with the same patterns. Different hair colors, more or less cheek color, embellishments and words all change the feel of a piece. It’s even better when I meet someone who connects to the face […]