Door Hangers – 2

Each door hanger is created similarly to how I make them the fabric ones. I trace the girl pattern pieces onto WonderUnder and fuse it to paper, instead of fabric, to create the girls. I use a Micron pen to outline around the girl. Sticky back ribbon makes her belt and two layers of lace […]

Door Hangers

Last holiday season I made some holiday door hangers with girls from paper and a bit of lace. I received an order to make some with every day (non-holiday) inspirational sayings on them. It was a fun project; over the next few days I’ll post photos of them here. ~ be strong ~ believe in […]


The backside of the winter quilts is probably my most favorite part. You see just the outline of the people…it makes me wonder if I could draw the people with my sewing machine without tracing the appliqué pieces. This dreamy night sky backing is wonderful – sort of like finding a constellation in the stars.