Holiday Creations 3

Yep, more! I decided to try Artella’s Mystery Muse project in which you send two inspirational creations to someone. This art quilt was inspired by a project I saw in Cloth Paper Scissors and thought the three women looked like muses…

Holiday Creations 2

There’s more…not only did I make 9 cuddle quilts from Thanksgiving until Dec 16th, I also made a few art quilts – that I morphed into a bit more. Each of these came with a set of card and a pocket on the back of the quilt. The recipient writes a wish or dream on […]

Holiday Creations 1

I decided in November that instead of my usual cookie/candy baskets I was going to give my quilts as gifts to family and friends. I dug out my inventory of cuddle quilts and realized that I only needed to make 9 more before Christmas to have the full 20 I needed. So I was a […]

Holiday Hurries

I know I haven’t posted anything since November but since Thanksgiving I’ve been caught in the holiday hurries – hurry to finish craft projects (gifts for family and frined), hurry to bake cookies, hurry to work, hurry home to clean, to craft, hurry hurry hurry. Oh and don’t get me started on holiday shopping and […]