Fabric Friday 6

A few weeks ago I visited quilt shops in nearby cities, when shopping for stash building/inspriation, I first look for fabrics that could be used in art quilts – small scale prints for backgrounds or dresses. The greens, blues, yellow and pink will work well and the gray with the lines and dandelion like puffs […]

Loves Being in the Sun

It is sunny and beautiful here and I find myself outside more often than in my studio stitching. I’m trying not to freak out that my to-do list isn’t decreasing and have been focused on enjoying the green leaves and grass, blooming flowers and bright blue skies. She loves being in the sun (7” x […]

Loves Color

I used tiny scraps no bigger than 2” wide by 2.5” tall fused to the batting to create this background. It’s the same technique used in my STITCHED 2015 class. The scraps create a grassy, floral area below a northern lights and star studded sky. With such small scraps, once the backing fabric was added, […]

Journals – Paper Fun

I like paper almost as much as I like fabric and my drawers were stuffed full when I began creating this latest batch of journals in April. By the time I finished everything left fit into 1 12” x 12” x 3” box and that was mostly tiny scraps and embellishments. I use the embellishment […]

Being Outside

In the US, we are heading into a 3 day holiday weekend! Memorial Day is considered the start of the summer season. This quilt celebrating being outside in the sun seems fitting for today. She loves being outside (7” x 9”) Hope you have a great weekend filled with much joy and laughter.


For some journals I use fabric scraps for the covers and filled the pages with tags, scrap paper bits and fun word stickers and tickets. For a few journals, I use pretty batik fabrics for the covers. I don’t like making bed quilts with batiks, but they look good on journals or mini quilts. I […]

Ready for Adventure

The mud is mostly dry around here, so the big boots this girl is wearing weren’t needed for my recent adventures. I took 2 days off work for a lovely 4 day weekend – right before the upcoming 3 day weekend. We were supposed to move into our first house during this schedule 4 day […]