Jump for Joy

Jumping rope in bare feet is probably not ideal, but it makes these quilts sweeter and reminds me of when I was kid and would run outside to play until it was dark or mom yelled it was time for dinner. I have lots of the dark blue cloud fabric at the top. I love […]

Joy is Found Outside

Larger quilts mean I can play with larger prints on the dresses these girls where. The bright yellow, pinks and oranges look great with her brown hair and the aqua sky. Joy is found outside (12” x 16”) Yesterday was brown and gray outside and I longed for either the green grass of summer or […]

Party Near Grave Yard

Last week, I showed a similar quilt, this time I changed up the background. I mimicked the design in the background print with some purple and gray solids. It adds some texture to the background. I like the addition of pumpkins to the foreground to add some perspective. A party near the graveyard is perfect […]


My studio and now my dining room (so I can watch movies with my husband while I stitch) are overflowing with journals in various stages of completion. These are designed so that the scrappy stitched notebooks inside can be switched out once full. I like to add words to the covers of the notebooks – […]