Big Quilt Finished

BeBe – queen size quilt My apologies for the bad photos. I can’t seem to find a room that is both big enough and bright enough to get a good photo. I had Friday off so I spent the last 3 days sewing and quilting – very relaxing despite my bad cold. the back… This […]


Thread Embellished Print (6” x 11”) I like this piece because of the word ‘laughter’ in the background. It reminds me that a day with laughter isn’t much fun and it usually means I’m too stressed. Thankfully my cats, husband and friends provide much humor in my life and keep me giggling and smiling often. […]

WIP – Art Quilts

Art Quilts in Progress Ever the overachiever, I have 15 art quilts in progress. 11 will be magpie girl quilts. As I am striving to improve my doodle stitching, thought I would share what the backs of some of these quilts look like. Some are simple; some are messy. Some have me considering using the […]