I’ve been working on holiday gifts so I can’t share photos of the completed projects yet – I don’t want to ruin the surprise. I can say that this project is my husband’s idea. He picked the pattern and the fabrics (including this beauty here which is on the back) and I stitched it all […]

Wicked Ways

Wicked Ways (13” x 17”) The last of my halloween girly quilts. This one is a green skinned witch. She’s on the same tree background. I added layers of lace to the bottom of her dress and added tiny bits at her neckline and on her sleeves. The saying is ‘She didn’t have to hide […]

Ghoulish Good Time

Ghoulish Good Time (13” x 17”) I stitched the background to mimic bark and then constructed a girl mummy from ribbon that I singed. She was stitched to the background and I strung little orange shell buttons from the trees. I envisioned them as little orange lanterns but perhaps they are poison apples instead. Added […]

Halloween Giveaway Winner

I loved reading about your plans for Halloween. No matter where I live, I don’t seem to ever get trick-or-treaters. Last year (our first Halloween in Alaska) was no different. Despite lots of kids on our street and bowl full of candy, no one visited our home. So this year we are going to a […]

Halloween Giveaway

Ghastly Dinner Party (8” x 11”) After making the Ghastly hoops, I had a snippet of fabric leftover. I thought it would be a great piece to practice doodle stitching. The result is a small wall quilt that needs a good home. If you’d like to give this quilt a home, leave a comment letting […]

Creative Girl Quilts

Her friends knew her heart (11” x 9.5”) Thank you for visiting today! I hope you had a nice weekend. We had several technology changes in our house this weekend (new phones and upgraded OS on my computer) so I spent a lot of time learning and organized my data. Which led me to discover […]

She loved her patchwork life

(10.5” x 23”) I had some small scraps left from BeBe and Baby BeBe, so sewed it into a tiny little piece of patchwork, which inspired this art quilt. I like the hanging button lanterns and all the patterns in the fabric. I found the crocheted white and purple lace in my stash along with […]

Ghastly Hoops

Since moving to Alaska, I like to send holiday packages to family and friends. I saw the Ghastly fabric and thought it would make great Halloween decor. I used 9” and 12” hoops to show off the scenes and embellished them a bit of thread doodling. In person they are mauve but I the odd […]

Workshops and Books

Thread Embellished Print (7” x 10”) Christy Tomlinson is offering a second She Art Workshop! The class starts November 7th. It sounds like a great way to spend the holiday season – playing with mixed media and brewing up new ideas for art quilts. While I wait for She Art Workshop No. 2 start, I’ve […]