Pounce in Surgery

My other cat, Pounce, became ill Wednesday night. Violent vomiting. We took him to vet on Thursday for a shot to settle his stomach and to see how we could prevent this from happening again (he had a similar issue a month ago). We waited as directed and gave him his medicines this morning but […]

Kitty Update

Gigabit (aka Bitty) is home. He spent the night with the vet and the injections they gave him helped to break up the partial blockage and he had some energy back. Troy brought him home yesterday morning. He spent a few hours constantly in and out of the litter box but after getting some medicine […]

Sick Kitty

My kitty, Gigabit, is sick. We took him to the vet today and he didn’t get to come home with us. They are treating him for a bladder infection. If the medicine doesn’t fix it overnight, then they have put him under and try other methods. Please keep my kitty in your thoughts, prayers, etc. […]

Apartment Search in a Strange Land

Saturday we got up early and headed to Cincinnati to hunt for apartments. We had compiled a list of 22 to see. A bit too aggressive. We actually made it to 13 places. We talked to 3 people and only saw 2 apartments. Seems the rental market in Cinci is the opposite of Indy. In […]

Week 18 & 19 Creations

A week ago, while walking between two buildings at work, I fell. I tripped on a rock, landing in the fine gravel on the side of the road, twisting one ankle and twisting the opposite knee. A trip to the ER and a weeks worth of pain killers and anti-inflammatories has kept me from getting […]

Week 17 Creations

A paper bowl made with pulp that I dyed bright pink along with my finger. Luckily the dye is slowly wearing off my fingers. The bowl says ‘It only took a moment to discover your love” I made lots more paper in several different colors, and started experimenting with adding strips of text into the […]