Something New – Video Post

Yesterday I shared photos of this “I’m Possible” quilt. Today, I want to try something new – a video post. I’ve been spending time learning about video cameras and using iMovie while recording myself creating art quilts. I recorded the creation and quilting of “I’m Possible” background and sped it up 2000%. I hope you […]

Random Makings

I completed a few doll size quilts for stuffed animals. My quilt guild will pair them with stuffed animals and give them to children. This is my favorite one – happy hippos. I once had a night terror about a small white hippo attacking me – I woke up screaming “hippo attack! hippo attack!” My […]

Enjoys Being on Skis

We’ve been lacking snow in parts of Alaska, so this weekend’s snow and cold are something to celebrate. At my house we enjoyed the snow with a Bond movie marathon while I cut fabric for lap size quilts and did bookkeeping. He enjoys being on skis (8” x 10”) I never realized just how many […]

Be Here Now

This quilt was proposed for the quilts I created for a local residential treatment facility. However, after seeing the quilt half assembled with the others I created, we determined the background fabric wasn’t quite right. I loved how it looked, so I finished it anyway and created another for the commission order. Be Here Now […]