Ready for Adventure

Yesterday I spent time in my studio. I didn’t make a thing – I cleaned. As I folded fabric and organized supplies, my mind started to percolate project ideas. Ready for adventure (6.5” x 7”) Today I began cutting batting for over 200 art quilts. I won’t make them all at once, but I’m now […]

Find Fun

After a very rainy day working and running errands, I am enjoying an evening on the couch with fall tv shows, internet eye candy (inspiration) and cuddly kitties. I brought home new fabrics from work – I have some vague ideas for turning them into art quilt backgrounds. We’ll see what fun I can find […]


Truth: For the last 6 weeks I’ve been an unmotivated, emotional mess. Yes, I managed to make a new website and finish a few quilt projects, but not as many as I wanted to or should have. Life seemed hard. Being creative doesn’t need perfect conditions, but it does need motivation and dedication. Both of […]

In Progress

This is the start of somethings fun – that is until I paused to clean my sewing machine and dropped a screw inside the machine. After some creative tipping, I was able to retrieve the screw. I was ready to add a few drops of oil when I realized my sewing machine oil was missing. […]

Hope and Dream

I’ve been typing away on my computer in the last few weeks. I’m writing articles for future publications. It’s hard to show a photo of that in progress so instead a bit of inspiration from cards I created for Sew Somerset last year. Hope you are enjoying a fun and creative weekend!

Reader Creativity

I love seeing quilters, artists and crafters creating pieces inspired by my patterns and creations. Cindy has been at it again! She created this beautiful quilt inspired by the photo below of her daughter, Amanda, on a bike ride with her dog, Booker, in his cart, on San Juan Island, WA. Cindy resized the photo […]