Week 3 Creations

I’m trying to rush through a few things on-line while Troy naps. My laptop was taken to the Apple Store today for repair – he is broken and needing a little professional TLC. With any luck, the Mac Genius said, he may return by the weekend. Keep your finger’s crossed that it’s true. This week […]

Week 2 Creations

A few days late in my posting. Strange illness on Sunday night sent me to bed early and a breakdown last night sent me to bed early too. The illness passed, the breakdown left me thinking. I know I hold myself to standards, plans, expectations that are sometimes unattainable, but I continue to do it. […]

Week of Creating

A week of rain and then snow flew by with spurts of creativity yeilding 8 completed projects. ATC based on Gluebooks. ATC for nervousness. Scarf to go with my favorite sweaters. nail polish marbled paper (most became postcards) An experiment based on an article I read in Cloth Paper Scissors. It required melting the top […]