Week 12 Creations

A busy week full of frustrations and nothing seeming to go right. But the weekend proved to be extremely productive and lots of fun. Now to turn my Monday evenings into the same thing somehow. Oh well, on with the pictures! Hand made paper, I tried adding silk fibers – made for fun background paper! […]

Creation Update Coming Soon

Yesterday was a day of nothing going right. I forgot my phone at work – had to go back – how demotivating it was to trudge back through the halls…I love getting out of there and after reading about Pamela’s recent experience in which a medium told he ‘There’s no use in giving up your […]

Women Make History

In honor of women’s history month… Women make history everyday. It’s not just those we learn about in school textbook marching for our rights or fighting wars. Women who spark our interest, get us motivated – those women are making history too. They are artists influencing us with their talents whether musical, literary or visual. […]

Week 10 Creations

I did finish 7 projects this week, unfortunately I only have 6 photos to share! Booklets bound and packaged for a women’s change history postcard exchange. Each participant created 12 postcards and a cover, I sorted them all out and bound up booklets. Since only 10 people participated, I also created mini-versions for each person […]

Week 9 Creations and Fun

1. A quilt for Alexander 2. A fairy doll – first experience with polymer clay 3. Another fairy doll 4. An art doll pendants 5. Another art doll pendant 6. Some polymer clay fun to be used in other projects 7. A bookmark 8. Fun from my trip to Cincinnati last weekend 9. Alexander at […]