Mad Stitching and Relaxation


I have been sewing like a mad woman. I have completed 6 more quilt tops (8 total this month), 7 quilt backs and 8 binding strips. I’ll be busy quilting all of these for the next few month.

Sewing quilt tops has been an ideal activity to relieve stress and it’s brought me several tops closer to my goal of making throw size quilts for holiday gifts this year.

Giveaway Day was lots of fun this year. Thank you all for ideas on relieving stress. The winner of the Creative Girl Art Quilt Kit is Jessica with comment 136!

Today has been all about relaxing so I can begin the work week tomorrow with a clear and calm mind. Exercise, sewing, cooking and stopping to enjoy nature seem to be an ideal combination.

3 Replies to “Mad Stitching and Relaxation”

  1. Oh, I can’t wait until after Christmas to see all these! They look incredible. Way to go!

  2. Look at all those quilts! Very well done!! I can’t believe you quilt them all yourself. I send the big ones out…my machine can’t handle anything bigger than baby quilts.

  3. You are a madwoman! Go Carrie go!! Can’t wait to get a closer look at B-9 Robot (“Danger Will Robinson!”) quilt :O)

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