Enjoy Winter

In winter, I hold hands with my husband or I tuck my hand into the crook of his arm. It sounds sweet, but mostly it’s for stability on slick surfaces. The first winter we were in Alaska, I fell several times on sidewalks, in the middle of the road while crossing it (thankfully there were […]

Enjoy the Snow

There’s not much snow in town but it’s still winter in Alaska and I’ve got a slew of winter art to share. So regardless of the recent start of Spring, I’m celebrating winter and the joy of watching snow fall on the mountains. They enjoy the snow (6” x 12”)

Showing Her Magic

I like to watch episodes of Cupcake Wars while making dinner – I like how passionate these people are about making delicious cakes. Many of them started down a more mundane career paths before determining that they were happier while baking and frosting – cupcakes were their magic. She is showing the world her magic […]