Our attempt to take a walk today, was thwarted by mosquitos! The mild winter and wonderful spring made us completely blank on mosquitos. It’s time to treat our clothes with permetherin and make sure the anti-bug stuff is in the car at all times. After some time in the studio, we hopped on our bikes […]

Weekend Fun

Quilter started by Roseanne I’ve been fairly good about posting inspiration and eye-candy almost everyday, but lately I’ve been busy having fun. In the midst of preparing to teach a class, I paused packing up supplies to spend a few hours with several members of the Alaska SAQA group who met with visiting SAQA board […]

She Loves Creating Art

That’s me today – except instead of chain piecing, I’m quilting backgrounds for several quilts and my table is overflowing with scraps. Tomorrow the appliqué people will be created and added to the backgrounds. I so love seeing my batting canvases come to life. She loves creating art (9” x 12”)

Wish Upon Stars

After I finished this piece, I noticed the “don’t” near her neck. I don’t often fuss about where body parts are on the fabric, I let serendipity happen and enjoy the results. I think this girl has a tattoo that say, “don’t stop dreaming.” Wish upon stars (5.5” x 9”)

Through the Forest

I have not been biking through the forest, I have been stitching through a forest of 2 1/2” and 4 1/2” squares. It took longer than planned (of course it did) but finally, 143 four patch blocks and almost 200 squares came together to create a quilt top that will be a wedding gift. I […]

Dreams to Remember

It rained and more is predicted! I was excited to see a few umbrellas and rain boots and just to know that the dust won’t be blowing around in the wind when it’s wet. I’m apparently easily excited! She dreams to remember (9” x 12”)

Reader Creativity

I love seeing quilters, artists and crafters creating pieces inspired by my patterns and creations. Sharon created this parachute art quilt from a photo of her friend – complete with mountain in the background and a motivational saying: “she soars past all obstacles in her path”. Sharon didn’t stop at just one quilt, she adapted […]