2014 Holiday: KattenKabinet

While we were in Amsterdam, we visited a cat museum, I had read about. The museum is one of the few canal houses you can tour. The house was amazing and the collection of cat artwork is fabulous. There were posters, paintings, drawings… …and even a Picasso. This ‘Cat from Outer Space’ poster inspired movie […]

4th of July Quilt

This is the next holiday quilt for our friends’ year of quilts. 4th of July fabrics featuring owls, all the states and dogs in hats. My husband picked out most of these fabrics. He chooses fabrics that are outside my usual tastes and challenges me to use them. I enjoyed the patchwork while I rested […]

Star Wars Quilt

While my eyes were attacked by allergens in late May/early June, I worked on bigger quilts where most mistakes would be hidden by seams. This Star Wars picnic blanket is for my husband. He is very excited to use it when we return from our trip.

Red Bike

The flowers are fussy cut from floral print fabrics. It’s a fun challenge to find prints just the right size. I had quilted ‘journey to happiness’ when I made the background, but the bike covered some of the words so I added ‘bike happy’ after the bike was applied. I like that it now seems […]