Hi Hello

Hi! (tiny thread drawings on polyester felt I found up in magical floral/garden shop in Belgium last year) Hello! Sometimes life throws curve balls and I need time to reflect, time to get lost in a few good books or dive into week long stretches of making for upcoming deadlines. I’m still around – focused […]

Mixed Media Fun

In January I showed the backs of these pieces that were recently published in Sew Somerset magazine. I like combining wood with stitching – it feels so warm and homey. Washi tape makes a fun and quick background since many layers can be applied without needing time to dry. The decorative stitches on a sewing […]

Finishing Felt Based Quilts

The backs of some pieces are just so pretty and felt is great for doodling with thread. After stitching and coloring the girls on Play, Make More Fun, Remember and Bloom. I was momentarily stumped as to how to finish these pieces. Using bias tapes didn’t seem like it would provide the right weight for […]


After finishing the remember piece, I took the doodling a step further and stitched leaves on this girl’s face after stitching ‘bloom’ across the face. The background uses two different fabrics, both with butterflies, one with additional text elements. I colored the hair, leaves and shirt with pigment pens. Bloom (8.5” x 13”) I really […]


I saw this fabric at a local quilt shop and my first thought went to painting it. I found it shortly after watching Lidija’s STITCHED 2015 class ‘Stitching Doodles’. Thinking we were moving within a week, I had packed away my paints, but wanted to create. With this fabric, felt, pigment pens and my sewing […]

New Low Volume Text Prints

I originally designed my text prints to go with my art quilts so I wanted creamy and tan color, but I’ve noticed that my black and white prints are popular. So I converted 4 of my cream and tan text prints to have a white background with either black or dark brown text. Here you […]


Selvages and fused scraps make a colorful background for a doodle stitched blonde in pigtails. Her shirt is has wavy lines and I used decorative stitches from my machine to add ‘tattoos’ to her arms. The scallops on her neck and neckline were done with free-motion stitching. The color was added with pigment ink pens. […]

Make More Fun

After finishing my articles for Sew Somerset, I continued to make pieces similar to the ‘Glad Girls,’ but have been waiting to post them. These are all free motion stitched – me drawing with thread – no pattern – nothing to trace. They are lots of fun for me. Make more fun (10.5” x 11”) […]