Hockey Fun

We may not have snow, but we do have ice – there’s even been people skating on streets. I often see people playing hockey on the local lakes and many of the schools have rinks that double as basketball or tennis courts in the summer. Hockey is his fun (9” x 12”) What fun do […]


I love doodling and I recently started a using a few apps on my phone to doodle. It’s so much fun. I start with a doodle and a bit of color in an app called Sketches – those are the bottom pictures shown here. I then add textures over my doodles and fiddle with colors […]

Happy Home

We’ve been cleaning and straightening our house lately. It helps to have a little order in the chaos sometimes, but order doesn’t always mean happy. A mess in my studio usually indicates a creative frenzy (in progress or just finished). A mess in my living room means my cats have been digging in their toy […]