My bags are packed for 4 short days of fun with family and friends in Washington DC.

I picked up this travel case after seeing it at the State Fair. It’s the perfect size and a fun design.


It holds my wallet, phone, Kindle, phone charger, journal, pens, glue stick, tape, a few magazines and supplies for creating a fabric book (fabric, vintage lace, thread, needles, tiny scissors and a variety of metal embellishments).

This should keep me entertained – when I’m not sleeping – during the 12 hours of travel tonight and tomorrow.

2 Replies to “Travel”

  1. OOOhhhhhh, that bag looks like so much fun,,,you are welcome to come here if you’d rather lol.I bet we could find lots of goodies in my room. Enjoy your trip, family and friends and please be sure to remember to pack your camera.

    Hugs my friend and safe travels.

  2. Carrie, I hope your trip was loaded with creating and love. Just stopped by to wish you a happy Thanksgiving. Today I am thankful for all my creative friends, you in particular as you inspire me to spread my creative wings and try new things.


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