2014 Holiday: Amazing Architecture

America is a relatively new country and we don’t have centuries old buildings, especially not here in Alaska where most building were constructed in the 1970s and 1980s. I really enjoyed the variety of architecture we saw on our trip. Here are some of my favorites.
Grote Kerk (Church) in Haarlem
wpid-photo-5-2014-06-27-17-52.jpg wpid-IMG_5598-2014-06-27-17-52.jpg
Interior of Grote Kerk and interior of Rolduc Abbey Kerk
wpid-photo-2-2014-06-27-17-52.jpg wpid-photo-3-2014-06-27-17-52.jpg
Our hotel in Amsterdam and a neat building in Haarlem.
A shopping mall that used to be a post office in Amsterdam.
Spires in Maastricht, a city in Holland where we had a wonderful river cruise and dinner
Koelner Dom (Cologne Cathedral) in Germany
This cathedral in Cologne took over 600 years to complete. I appreciate the talent that went into the ornate details, but I kept wondering what else could have been created instead of adding more to this building.

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  1. Wow those are gorgeous photos! Amazing buildings. Thanks for sharing these.

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