2014 Holiday: Mosel Valley and Burg Eltz

After leaving Rolduc Abbey we headed to Germany. We wanted to visit the Mosel Valley and Burg Eltz, a fairy tale castle. The castle above is not Burg Eltz, it was one of the castles we passed via train on the way to a town called Moselkern.
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The towns along the Mosel River were beautiful.
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These are a few of the building in Moselkern. To get to the Burg Eltz (Castle Eltz) you walk to the end of Moselkern and then begin hiking through the woods.
Eventually you round a bend and see this.wpid-DSC03232-2014-06-26-18-09.jpg
And the 5K walk to get there is all worth it.

You climb many steep steps and turn to the left to see the entrance to the castle.
Since this castle is buried deep in the woods it was protected by damage from invading peoples. It still belongs to the Eltz family who occasionally live in the castle.
This is the central courtyard.
You then get a guided tour of the several of the houses that make up the castle fortunately with mostly antiques from the 17th and 18th century. Unfortunately, we were were not allowed to take photographs of the interior.

If you are in western Germany, near Cologne or the Rhine River, take a side trip to the Mosel Valley and visit Burg Eltz. It’s worth the trip. If you visit on weekend, you can skip the hike and take a bus instead.

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