She wished every day could be Halloween

She wished everyday could be Halloween (13” x 17”)

I saw the haunted mansion fabric at a local quilt shop and knew it would make great a background for a Halloween themed quilt.


After doodling on the trees with various shades of gray thread, I create a little witch with pumpkins and a broom.


I embellished her skirt with old lace and dyed cheesecloth. I purchased the dyed cheesecloth years ago awaiting inspiration as to how to use it. It works so well to create an aged, tattered look to this witch’s dress.

4 Replies to “She wished every day could be Halloween”

  1. Every single one of these that you post I think is the most amazing thing ever and I don’t comment very often because it would all be variations on that theme (wow! amazing! etc!). But yeah, I really love this. It’s a really fantastic theme and a great take on it. The skirt fabrics are perfect.

    The one thing I wonder what you do with all these once you’ve finished them? This I could imagine being displayed around Halloween and then put away till next year, but most of the rest don’t match up with a particular time of year or anything.

  2. Love it!

  3. If she were hanging around my house everyday would be Halloween just so I could show her off.

    Your amazing,

  4. Carrie one of my favorite holidays is Halloween because you can do so much in the decorating department. Can you tell me is this all fabric or a combination of paper and fabric? I am totally loving this witch so just have to know how it is done.

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