Happiness is Stitching


I had a tin of dyed fabric scraps and free time. I challenged myself to only use my free-motion foot to create this. I even used my free motion foot and a zig zag stitch to attach the button.


The base is cotton batting. All of the pink fabrics, trims and crocheted square were dyed with watered down acrylic paint. I like creating with what I have nearby – no planing, no stress – only a desire to see what happens. Sometimes it works; sometimes, well those I hide away or toss in the trash, but at least I learn what doesn’t work.

2 Replies to “Happiness is Stitching”

  1. Nice! I like this. Have you made anything with Easter Egg dyed fabrics?

  2. I’m thinking I will give this a try only making it into a birthday card. I just love how it looks and makes me feel.
    I’d love to hear more on the Easter Egg dyed fabrics.

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