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I love seeing quilters, artists and crafters creating pieces inspired by my patterns and creations.

Mary created quilted bags as a surprise for the members of her sewing group, the Quilting Queens, to use as project bags. Each is approximately 23” x 17” x 7” and has high heels on one side and a girl on the other. What a great gift and fun use for the girls.

Cindy sent me this photo of her youngest daughter taken in Kona, Hawaii. She loved the photo so much, she created a quilt with my Happy Girls pattern in mind.

Cindy writes:

I had to enlarge the picture enough to trace her body parts on my sunny west facing window, to make the pattern for her body and swimsuit cover-up.  The rest of the quilt was done free form and appliqué from just repeatedly looking at the photograph.  The quilt measures approximately 20” x 25″.  I named it “She’s Kona Jump!”, and gave it to her on June 3rd, for her 28th birthday.   She was actually at a loss for words, she loves it so much!  It hangs in her new apartment in her bathroom, with another one I made for her replicating her dancing on a beach.  

I love all the colors that she captured in the quilt with the sand, sea, sky, rock and tree. The quilt is as happy as the photo.

This Family Fun quilt was created by Mary. She has been enjoying some of my new patterns. I really love seeing them all together in one quilt and it’s such a fun way to capture the joy of your family.

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  1. Lut Vandenborre says:

    What a lovely idea from the big-hearted Mary to make all the bags for her sewing group and I also like your Family Fun quilt, all the patterns nicely in harmony.

    Congratulations to Cindy (name ?) for her very beautiful “She’s Kona Jump!”quilt, your daughter must be very glad. I think you pictured her very well, it’s such a personal gift. I love the details of the rock appliqué and tree, the movement and colour of the water.

    And thanks to Carrie for all her inspiring artistic work! I am now making a Family Quilt myself for the 60th anniversary of my husband. Starting with your Happy patterns , it was such a fun to make it, it was amazing to see that using a pattern from you, and selecting a fabric typicall for my husband, how suddenly this ‘standard pattern’ turned into my husband.
    Thanks to the use of these patterns, I got more trust to start from a real photo from my children, the way Cindy describes, enlarging, tracing the body.
    There are still 2 blocks to go, if you like, I can send a picture when it is finished.

    Looking forward to all your work to come,

    Lut Vandenborre

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