December Giveaway Day


She forgot her insecurities (8” x 10”)

The above quilt is a thread embellished print of a scanned painting that was printed onto cotton fabric. When creating the original painting, the words stuck with me and I spent most of 2011 letting go of insecurities and taking risks. It didn’t always work out well; there were tears and frustration. But overall, I’ve had an adventure, learned a lot and I’m thrilled with all that I’ve accomplished this year:

I feel like celebrating my successes and the timing of the Sew Mama Sew Giveaway Day is perfect.

One lucky reader will win the thread embellished print/art quilt above.

A second lucky reader will win a Creative Girl Faces & Dress Patterns mini kit with the dress pattern in 2 sizes, quilt instructions and 8 small and 4 large faces.


To enter the giveaway, leave a comment before 5pm Pacific time on Friday, December 16th telling me about one of your favorite successes of the past year.

I’ll randomly select the 2 winners (one for the quilt and one for the kit) on Saturday.

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220 Replies to “December Giveaway Day”

  1. What a wonderful work of art. I absolutely love it! My greatest success this year has been becoming more outspoken and assertive.

  2. One of my successes is that I finished a quilt for the first time. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Delores Pederson says:

    What a beautiful quilt! My exciting accomplishment this year is the transformation of one of the bedrooms into a sewing room. It is now my favorite room in the house!

  4. One of my favourite success this past year was learning to love sewing and making time to work on my knitting and crocheting and giving some of my projects to charity.

  5. My biggest success this year is the fact that I have been in remission for my longest time frame ever… chemo for the past 18 months!! I am so excited to be able to acknowledge that I haven’t been sick or in the hospital in that length of time. That beautiful art is all about me. Thanks for the op to win

  6. I love your quilts, they are inspiring. My biggest accomplishment this year is accepting change.

  7. My success for this past year is learning to let go of strongholds. Love your work.

  8. My favorite accomplishment this year was moving to a place I love!

  9. My favorite success of this year was buying my first house. A great 1935 farm house on 3 acres in Missouri. Bigger bonus, we paid cash so NO mortgage payments, ever!!!!

  10. that quilt speaks to me on so many levels. it’s amazing what we can accomplish when we let go of insecurity.

    my biggest success of the year was having a 100% natural, unmedicated birth for my second daughter. it was the best experience of my entire life. so incredibly healing, transformative and empowering.

    thanks for the chance to win!

  11. How unique is this! So glad to see something so different.

  12. My latest success is making it 15 years at my curent job!

  13. Beautiful and creative.
    hmmm…takes one a minute to think. I would say this year a big success in my life is holding onto memories and people in my heart while letting go of things. Still letting go, but grateful for the heart change.
    Thank you!

  14. My success this year was getting back to sewing and painting.

  15. Possibly the biggest success all year was letting go of useless fears and need to control. It’s simply not possible to control anything other than our own thoughts and actions. Realizing that (and putting it into action) brings an amazing level of peace! Thanks for the giveaway. That block is beyond gorgeous.

  16. One of my favorite successes is making my first dress sewing pattern. It’s been so much fun to see what other creative moms out there have been sewing up for their little ones with it!

  17. Getting my etsy shop up and running again!

  18. I made my first two quilts last week. I never thought I’d try it but it was fun.

  19. Super fun giveaway! This year, I ventured out into the world of auctions. Bidding had been such a scary thing for me before! But now I can do it! Thank you for the chance to win — I would love that little fabric art piece of yours!!

  20. Favourite success? Finally finding a wedding date! (It really was a success as I have a crazy mother who is v superstitious and every date we chose happened to be ‘bad luck’ days!)

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