Giggle While You Write



When I write emails and letters, I grin from ear to ear. Somewhere long ago, I read that you should smile when you talk on the phone because the person you are speaking with will hear the smile in your voice. I extended the smile to writing – why wouldn’t the positive energy and joy in my smile come through in my words?

A few weeks ago, while typing an email, my husband asked me what I was giggling about. I blushed with embarrassment as I realized that while I was grinning, I was also giggling.

I caught myself doing it just a few minutes ago. Only my cats know that I did it but after a moment of self-consciousness, I decided not to hide my giggling and today, I admit it to the world.

I giggle when write blog entries.

I giggle when I reply to comments.

I giggle when I send emails to family and friends.

I giggle when I am putting pen to paper for snail mail.

I’ve been typing this up for a few minutes now and my cheeks are sore from all the smiling – I love it.

Do you smile and/or giggle when you write?

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  1. Thank you. Your smile is infectious and thinking of my new friend grinning and giggling makes me happy this morning. My daughter used to laugh out loud when reading in her elementary class….her teacher thought it was wonderful. Expressing our happiness should not be something we inhibit. Thank you.

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