Sharing Creativity


Before moving to Alaska, I was involved with the Ohio Valley Quilters’ Guild in Cincinnati where I met some amazingly talented women. I loved being involved so I edited the newsletter, helped with the website, coordinated the creation of community quilt (made with scraps donated by 72 different people in the city), served as vice president for 2 years and president for a year.

Typically when the president steps aside, the members make a block to show their appreciation. Since I don’t often do big quilts, I opted to have them members show me their creativity. I gave them a pattern for a dress and printed faces. These are a few of the blocks I received.

wpid-CreativeBlock36-2011-06-7-20-31.jpg wpid-CreativeBlock37-2011-06-7-20-31.jpg

It took me a bit but I finally bound them into a fabric book. It’s the largest fabric book I’ve made with 36 pages (each page 9” x 6”. The book is a treasure, reminding me of the wonderful ladies in Cincinnati and their caring, creative spirit.

wpid-CreativeBlock11-2011-06-7-20-31.jpg wpid-CreativeBlock17-2011-06-7-20-31.jpg

To see all the pages click here.

2 Replies to “Sharing Creativity”

  1. that is a very creative idea!! and a great way to remember your friends!

  2. your book is fabulous! what a memory treasure. I love the way the each one is so different and I wonder how much of the creation is connected to the sewist (e.g., is the lady with the purple & red hat a red hat lady in real life?)
    I’m going to have to check back through your posts to see if there are any tutorials. This would be an awesome art quilt swap!

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