MATS – Folkart

For the last 5 weeks I have been participating in part B of Lilla Roger’s Make Art That Sells course. This week I’d thought I’d share my completed assignments.

The assignment was to make paper plate and napkin inspired by Ukrainian and/or Bavarian folk art. I loved the dots and simple patterns so I just kept playing with those.

I am glad I took part A and B of the Make Art That Sells course:

– I’ve learned how to get art into different markets (scrapbooking, children’s books, editorial, bolt fabric, home decor)

– I was challenged – I enjoy being challenged and I need to keep challenging myself

– I was reminded about good time management and breaking tasks into smaller chunks

– I am inspired to keep an art journal to continue practicing sketching, doodling and lettering

– I also need to keep doing what I love – working with fabric and thread (and sometimes paper)

Now go make stuff!

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  1. They are so beautiful!

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