Teddy Bears and Friends

The Anchorage Log Cabin Quilters’ host a teddy bear tea each year. Teddy bears and friends are paired with small quilts and donated to several charities to be given to children in need. Our quilts are due today – I created 10 myself and helped with 2 more during a guild sewing night. My quilts without a teddy or friend will be matched with stuffed toys soon.

It’s a fun project and a wonderful way to practice techniques without fear of messing up a larger project. Many thanks to Kristin for the 5” squares that I used to create 9 of these small quilts.

5 Replies to “Teddy Bears and Friends”

  1. I love seeing all of these cute little blankets! What a wonderful use for all those little squares. You are a so welcome!! I look forward to our next sew in!

  2. What a wonderful cause! The kids will love these gifts of love.

  3. Love the bunny peaking out of his quilt – it makes me feel so happy, I know it will make someone a fraction of my age feel good, too!

  4. You are amazing…. Love you

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