Dreams & Doodles


While taking the RE:CONNECT course with Willo and Mati in September/October, I took a huge leap and applied for a solo art show. I was thrilled that I had set the intention to apply and followed through.

In November, I did a quick presentation of my art quilts and detailed the show I envisioned. I was ecstatic to make it to round 2.


A few weeks later I received word that I was one of the 12 selected to display their work in 2013. My art will be displayed at Snow City Cafe, a local cafe/gallery (they have the best breakfast/brunch) for the month of May 2013.

Since learning the news, I have been doodling art quilts I want to make. My journal is filling up and I’m bouncing with creative energy.


If you haven’t signed up for the next RE:CONNECT course, do so. You will find your magic and dreams can come true.

2 Replies to “Dreams & Doodles”

  1. I am really excited about winning, I purchased the pretty girl pattern. I think I am winner D??? I love what you did in Sew Somerset, I am going to enjoy creating these ladies with my mom, whom is a paper artist. I looked into the class, I cant afford it this time, maybe next time. I need to buy a new Sewing Machine.. a great one with free motion abilities. Thank you and Thank you for putting this up on the blog for us to learn.

  2. Oh Carrie how brilliant this surprise is. This is a very cool site for getting some inspiration http://beeinmybonnetco.blogspot.com/
    Look through her patterns (just for inspiration) as you will see why once you’ve checked it out as it will give you tons of ideas for your girlie girl quilts.

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