Holiday Gift Quilts


I set a goal early in the year to make throw size quilts as gifts for family and friends. They are all finished and I even made a few to keep myself. Half of the quilts we delivered in person on a recent trip to visit family, the rest will be shipped soon. (note to self: bake cookies for the mailman when he picks up all the packages).

I hoped to burn through a large chunk of my stash making these, but I only managed to clear 1 shelf. Maybe next year I can clear another!

How are your holiday sewing/crafting projects coming along?

3 Replies to “Holiday Gift Quilts”

  1. I wish my stash was here but it is still in storage up in Iowa and I hate how lost I feel. But I just had a kidney stone attack followed by bronchitis so am just getting my strength back. I have sure enjoyed all your creative pics though. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Lisa Phillips says:

    Awesome how you keep meeting your goals….publishing, Snow City show and all of these quilts finished for Christmas! You are a woman with a plan — I love watching your progress.

  3. You are so good! Making goals, keeping them, thinking about making cookies for the mailman.
    I can’t believe I’m the first to think of this, but I would A-Okay if you were to adopt me and send me quilts at Christmas. ;O)

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