Beautiful Life

Last night was filled with crazy dreams including night terrors about being attacked by vines of ivy. Those aren’t the dreams I was thinking about when I created this piece. I was thinking about dreaming BIG – goals for a wonder filled life and creating the life we can imagine for ourselves. She imagines a […]

Quilt Shop Happy

Working in a quilt shop is really fun – helping customers select fabrics to finish projects, organizing fabrics and hand stitching bindings. Today was a treat though. We have a booth at a local market and each weekend we could be working at market instead of the shop. Today was almost 70 degrees and clear […]

Happy Outside

Another gorgeous day in Alaska – not many leaves blowing around, but lots of allergens. Still nice to get outside even if my eyes are now watering and my nose was to run away. She is happy outside (8” x 14”) This background was created from strips of cut up quilts. All those trimmed edges […]

Enjoys Quiet Days at Home

I’ve been too busy – it feel like I am behind on everything, my lists keep growing and can’t really relax. Thankfully, tomorrow is scheduled as a day at home for quilting, cleaning, laundry and catching up on email and hopefully planning a few blog posts. I really do enjoy being at home. She enjoys […]

Finds Fun

I get a lot of comments on quilts with the girl doing a handstand. Some people think the quilt is upside down; others wonder how her dress stays up. I see that she just flipped into a handstand and her dress hasn’t had time to fall down yet – nor has all of her hair. […]