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Thread Drawing Fun

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I so enjoy drawing with thread!!!
sweet : : love : : black cat : : puppy : : hi : : brown cat

Coloring them in is fun too.

Performance Sewing

I’m a member of a local non-profit co-op gallery named Girdwood Center for Visual Arts (GCVA). Last night we hosted a fundraiser/birthday party reception celebrating GCVA turning 35. I spent the evening with my sewing machine drawing with thread. People challenged me to draw children, pets, and lots of other fun topics. My husband filmed some of the stitching including a challenge I received on Facebook from a friend and completed this morning.



Adventure Awaits

I really enjoy sketching with thread. The coloring part is fun too, but drawing with my sewing machine … that puts me in the moment. I can only think about where the needle is going next and how to get it there.
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