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Believe Magic

I couldn’t help myself – I had to photograph these two tiny thread drawn portraits together!
I spent most of today preparing batting for a new batch of art quilts including more tiny thread drawings.


When I am mid project, I find myself wanting to post bits of inspiration but I don’t seem to have words to go with them. Rather than not post, I’m going to try just sharing picture. I hope those post still inspires a smile and maybe even the urge to to create.
Star (6” x 8”)


Here’s one of yesterday’s thread drawing pieces. I created 4 pieces for a SAQA auction. I can’t decide which one to submit; so far I think I’ve ruled out this one.
Happy (6” x 8”)
I like the purple hair, but it’s missing something – maybe more stitching in the background or a tattoo on her arm.

Hunky – Smile – Be You

I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed lately. Instead of trying to do it all – I allow myself to let some things go – to fall off the to-do list – such as blog posts.
I do wish I could post every day. However, sometimes I’m tired, or reeling from getting an unexpected shot in my hip or excited to keep stitching or devouring a novel in a single day.
Today, I offer tiny stitched and colored portraits. I don’t think I will ever tire of making these.

Seeking Herself

This piece is busy, but I like the overall effect of a girl in a sea of girls seeking to find her true self.
Seeking Herself (7” x 10”)