Category: Sketches

Fairy Tale Sketch

I’ve got a wicked cold, but I find myself motivated to finish another fairy tale art quilt. Will she wear a dress of golden suns, silver moons or the one embroidered with bright stars? We’ll see what happens in the studio tomorrow as I attempt to bring The True Bride to life.

Digital Collage Fun

I’ve been playing with photos of my tiny thread drawings – changing the color and adding adding digital collage elements.
It’s fun to see the progression…
…and it’s nice to create without making a mess sometimes.
What have you been creating lately?

Around Here Lately

A week with friends visiting Alaska was seriously fun and just the break I needed.
We hiked around lakes, biked around town, rode a tram up a mountain for a yummy lunch and of course took the always amazing wildlife cruise to see glaciers, whales, puffins and more.
Despite massive amounts of sunscreen, I sunburned my face while on the boat. It was worth it!
We watched the sunset from high above the city.
We were sad to see our friends go, but we have been diving back into work and catching up. For me that means turning these sketches and many more into art quilts. Can you guess the theme?

Sketching – Winter

I’ve got a few winter quilt background in progress so I’ve been sketching out people to go on the quilts. I like the coats, hats and boots – so many opportunities for color and fun.