Category: Creations

Stacks and Stacks

I’ve been locking myself in my studio for the last few weeks amassing giant stacks of done and semi-done projects.
I enjoy watching the stacks grow.
The riot and colors and patterns that the stacks make is almost as fun as creating.
One more week of this and I can relax.
The frenzy of stitching will be worth it to see happy customers find the perfect gift at the bazaar on Saturday.

In Progress

This is the start of somethings fun – that is until I paused to clean my sewing machine and dropped a screw inside the machine. After some creative tipping, I was able to retrieve the screw. I was ready to add a few drops of oil when I realized my sewing machine oil was missing. After hours of cleaning and organizing, my dear husband found it in my studio trash. I had inadvertently tossed it out with some fabric scraps. I now have a clean studio and a sewing machine ready for several very busy weeks of stitching.

While not sewing recently, I’ve been helping my husband with an arts and crafts project of his own – a giant binder about how awesome he is and why he should be promoted. The life of a college professor is not glamorous and all this pretty tabs don’t print and organize themselves. I like that kind of work so I found it lots of fun.

Hope and Dream

I’ve been typing away on my computer in the last few weeks. I’m writing articles for future publications. It’s hard to show a photo of that in progress so instead a bit of inspiration from cards I created for Sew Somerset last year.

Hope you are enjoying a fun and creative weekend!

Here & Now

Sometimes I need a reminder to stay present and focus on the moment – the here and now. This notebook cover is a great reminder!

These covers make me want to jot down ideas for my next stitched projects or collecting bits and baubles I have found.