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May has been a rough month for us. Fluffy kitty was ill and then too ill. Saying goodbye was difficult and adjusting to days without her has been…not fun.
I’m grateful for the almost 14 years we had with this sweet girl. She kept me company as I created art or typed these blog entries, reminding me to take breaks to pet her, of course. She snuggled while we watched tv or read books and always sought to comfort me when I got upset.

Pet Portraits

I spent some time doodle stitching and later coloring some tiny pet portraits.
Each one measure 3.5” x 4.5”.
This is Fluffy. She insisted I take a break while she sat on my chest and purred. She was not happy that I stopped petting her to take her picture.


The kittens have been with us a year – they are still kittens to us, but they are sort of huge now.
They like the window in my studio – it’s close to the ducks that sometimes visit the backyard.
Fluffy doesn’t mind sharing a lap with the kittens.
Eventually though the kittens will squirm or stretch as Munchkin is doing here.
Fluffy will find her own spot – like a chair covered in a fleece cat blankets!
Monster prefers quilts and will burrow in them when given a chance.

Around Here Lately

Sometimes the kittens stop playing and actually sit still or sleep. They are full of energy and seem to thrive on bringing chaos to our sleep schedules.
Fluffy has been enjoying cuddling with them when they slow down and has joined in on the play too.
She is even teaching them bad habits – like sitting on the table while I make dinner in the kitchen.
Last Monday, after spending the previous three weeks packing 60% of our house in anticipation of moving on May 1st, we were told closing on our new house would be delayed two weeks. I had just packed all but one of my in-progress quilting projects and Jane, my main sewing machine. I was transferring fabric from my shelves into totes when we were told everything was on hold. *sigh*
We scrambled to reschedule movers and cleaning of our current rental and then screamed in frustration. I guess the timing was good, because I spent all of last week running on fumes due to very early morning meetings for work and kitten disturbances during my limited sleep time.

The longer days of sun have arrived and I managed to get out for a walk along the coastal trail (though still wearing base layers (long-underwear)). Saturday, we went for a bike ride without hats and gloves enjoying the glorious sunlight and world that is beginning to green here.
When not working, sleeping or attempting to sleep last week, I managed to bind signatures of paper into the covers of journals and photograph them (more soon). And after lots of sleep this past weekend, I am excited to spend the extra time before our move, creating some new smaller art quilts using my Brother machine that has not been packed.