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Floral ABCs Throw

I saw this fabric and just couldn’t cut it up. It’s great for quilt backing, but I thought it needed be the star of a whole cloth quilt.
I stitched many dahlias to quilt this.
I used a pink and gold floral print to bind it. The back is a plain cream cotton. This small throw measures 40” x 44”. It would make a great baby quilt for a girl or a pretty lap quilt for your home. It’s available via my Etsy shop.

Triangle Ledger Throw

I pulled 3 solids and 3 prints and began cutting 60 degree triangles and strips in various sizes.
Using improvisational piecing, I created a quilt top using the ledger print as my primary neutral.
The final quilt measures 54” x 54”. I picked the teal triangle toward the bottom as my pattern for echo quilting (concentric triangles) with a walking foot.
The back is pieced with various fabrics.

Plus Sign Quilt and Group Quilt

Plus sign quilts are great for large prints you want to show off and they are easy to cut and assemble.
This one is a kid’s quilt measuring 45” x 50”.
I backed it with some sale fabric that happened to match the stripes in the elephants’ legs perfectly.
For some added color today – this is a group quilt that my modern quilting group created. Each quarter we do a challenge to create a quilt for donation to the Red Cross. We all made blocks inspired by the QuiltCon 2014 charity quilt colors.
To account for the different size blocks and also to make the quilt bigger (54” x 70”), we added strips of neutrals (white prints, gray print, and the purple solid) around groups of the blocks. It’s so fun to see all the different blocks come together.

Figures Pink

Earlier this year a local quilt shop was selling everything so they could move out of state – I picked up a yard or two of a few prints and continued to wade through the chaos. When I saw charm packs of the Zen Chic Figures line, I took almost all o them knowing that I had mini charm packs at home that had arrived with an online order.
When I started piecing this quilt together, we had recently created Buckeye Beauty blocks for a bee my modern quilting group is doing. I had made more half-square triangles than four patch blocks so I had to modify the pattern slightly.
There are still diamonds, but he secondary pattern is broken up. I love the overall effect. I know quilts created from a single fabric line can seem a bit boring, but I sometimes just want to sew without thinking about if the colors or needing to cut yardage into pieces.
On the back is a print with pink and yellow from some other fabric line. I liked the lightness of the backing against the blues and yellows on the front.
Inside is polyester batting and it’s quilted with my usual square spirals. Why polyester instead of my usual cotton batting? I had received several different battings from a friend and was trying them out. The quilt feels nice and my cats really enjoyed sitting on it while in progress. Unfortunately, we don’t really need another throw size quilt – 48” x 64”, so it’ll be available at an upcoming holiday bazaar.

Commission – Wedding Quilt

Remember the baby quilt commission? I also created a throw size quilt (58” x 70”) as a wedding gift using more of her grandmother’s needlework and bit of my usual art quilting. wpid-IMG_1294-2015-09-13-18-40.jpg
I cut apart tablecloths, napkins, pillowcases and placemats, sometimes cutting around holes or stains that I could not repair or clean.
With the addition of a polka a dot cotton/linen blend, I created 9 oversized improvisational quilt blocks.
The recipient couple likes hiking so I used cotton fabrics to create a small art quilt to add into the throw.
On the back is an organic cotton print which I also used on the binding. I quilted it with my usual square spiral using a walking foot.
I had so much fun making this quilt. It’s almost an adult eye-spy quilt as you look at all the tiny embroidery. Once washed and dried, it got the crinkly, well-loved quilt look I hope to see.

My client passed on comments from the recipient who was thrilled with the wedding gift. So were Ford’s parents when they received the baby quilt. I am so grateful to have the opportunity to bring joy to this family.

Commission – Baby Quilt

A local lady asked me to use her grandmother’s embroidered linen and my usual style to create two quilts.
This one is for a baby. Her grandmother had created 7 nursery rhyme pieces that seemed perfect for a baby.
Since the baby is named Ford, we discussed adding trucks to the quilt.
Baby Ford’s parents are journalists so I used a text print for the trucks and the sashing.
The quilt is backed with this Dr. Seuss print, quilted with concentric squares and bound with rainbow stripes.
I call this quilt Newspaper Trucks and measures approximately 45” x 50”.

Mushroom Fox

Diamonds of foxes surrounded by color and mushrooms.
I used these fabrics to create a quilt for an auction to benefit the Girdwood Center for Visual Arts held during Fungus Fair.
The quilt is 70” x 80”. I quilted this with straight lines in an offset diamond pattern.
The back is covered in more foxes and mushrooms.

MQG Riley Blake Challenge

The Modern Quilt Guild Riley Blake challenge has 4 rules:
– Make something fantastic that is quilted
– Make something you have never done before
– Challenge yourself to learn something new
– Use only the Cottage Garden fabric line and Riley Blake solids
I decided to play with improvisational curved piecing as my something new and never done before. The improvisational aspect meant I didn’t panic when the blocks didn’t quite line up right as I was mostly focusing on executing curved piecing to get blocks that lay flat.
The text print as the background was a bit of a challenging as I wanted to tuck it into my stash for later, but using it as the background helped give some subtle texture to this quilt. The quilting is vertical lines about 1/2 inch apart using 3 shades of gray thread (I ran out as I was quilting).
The back includes the extra curve pieced blocks and is just as pretty as the front. The quilt is 48” x 48”.

Bees & Cats

Before I pack my studio, I’m trying to catch up on bee blocks. It’s fun to work on discrete blocks that will be used by other quilter.
And occasionally, I glimpse one of the new kittens cuddling with Fluffy.

Share Joy Quilt Sale

Before we began house hunting, I started a studio clean-out to make room for new art and creations (including some room to paint). Every quilt and art quilt in my home not currently in use or on my walls, is now listed in my Etsy shop at 40% off.
Yes, 40% off – I’m turning 40 very soon and want to celebrate by sending my art to people who will love and treasure it as much as I do If you’ve ever wanted one of my art quilts, now is your chance to have one.
Also, I cleaned the shelf that has fabric books and have decided to part with a few of them. I’ve never sold these before so I’m nervous and curious how they will be received.
I hope you find something special for yourself or a friend. believemagic Etsy Shop