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Journals Small and Large

“The starting point of discovering who you are, your gifts, your talents, your dreams, is being comfortable with yourself. Spend time alone. Write in a journal. Take long walks in the woods.” – Robin S. Sharma


Inspire Possibility – Magnify Memories

I thought I would be stitching up art quilts this week, but I felt drawn to be cutting, folding and stitching paper.
These are the covers of the signatures or notebooks that will be inside journals I create.
Some are simple, just a few word stickers and stitching;
others use lots of paper scraps or sparkly postcards.
The purpose of each is to magnify memories. Big or small, they are waiting to hold lists, dreams, sketches and schemes.

Notebooks and a Sale

I created many notebook covers for the holiday bazaar earlier in the month.
Each one fits a standard size composition notebook.
I always enjoy making them. Getting to play with fabric and stitching them together is fun.
Several of the notebooks did not find new homes. I listed them on Etsy along with cards and…
fabric prints! Yep fabric with images of my art. You can frame them or you can stitch them into a quilt, book, or other fun project.

The following items are currently on sale: journals/notebooks, cards, fabric prints, fat quarters and fabric bundles all with free shipping with coupon code HOL2016. The sale price is reflected in the listing on Etsy.

Visit my Etsy shop – use coupon code HOL2016 for free shipping until December 31, 2016.


As part of my art show I also created fairy tale themed journals.
Some covers are silk; some are magical trees; others are prints with a fairy tale theme.
To keep up with demand from local galleries and customer request, I also made a few non-fairy tale themed journals.
I enjoy making the cover for journals – the stitching is relaxing and I like the variety that can be achieved with different ties, charms and colors.

Play Pretend

hello joy : : play pretend : : grateful heart : : happy life

More notebook covers to inspire creative play and the capturing of joyful moment.

Play pretend is resonating with me today – I’m pretending my husband and I are well and not waiting for our bodies to finish battling the virus that is attacking them. I’m grateful for Netflix and novels – they pass the time when we’re not sleeping. I’m hoping to awaken feeling better tomorrow.