Category: Art Quilts

Smile Often and Easily

I made a lot of phone calls at work today. Each one starts with a smile – even if I am leaving a message. Smiles can be heard in your voice and everyone deserves to hear a smile. I also smile while I write – can you see it as you read this?
She smiles often and easily (6.5” x 14”)

Lost in Her Thoughts

I’ve had a pile of 4 patch blocks left over from big quilt project. I kept getting lost in my thoughts wondering what to do with them. After too many months of thoughts, I just stitched them into backgrounds for art quilts.
I added a girl in blue with my large handwriting print as her skin.
She enjoys getting lost in her thoughts (17” x 23”)

She Wishes Upon Stars

It’s that time of year in Alaska where we get lots of light, but not too much that we miss the stars. I’m hoping one of these nights, it’s both not cloudy and I am awake long enough to see the aurora while it’s active.
She wishes upon stars (9” x 13”)

She is Enough

She is happy with her life just as it is. Surely there is more to do, more to explore, more to try…but she is enough and she is doing enough.
She is enough just as she is (5.5” x 9”)