Soars with Joy and Love

Tuesday, 28. June 2016 22:31 | Author:

A girl in a floral dress on a pink background quilted with a giant dahlia seems appropriate for this beautiful day.

Her soul soars with joy and love (13” x 17”)

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She Loves Her Dog

Monday, 27. June 2016 22:02 | Author:

A girl and her dog enjoying a day at the beach.
She loves her dog (6” x 11”)

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Happy Being Herself

Sunday, 26. June 2016 22:53 | Author:

Lots of quilted scraps were stitched together to create this background – it give it great texture.
Happy Being Herself (9” x 12”)

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Tiny Portraits

Saturday, 25. June 2016 21:58 | Author:

wish :: create joy
Tiny stitched portraits – they not only help me practice my free motion stitching, I get the joy of coloring them.
dream :: glow :: hello :: hello joy :: love :: be you (each 3.5” x 4.5”)
I also love that my small bits of batting and fabric scraps have a purpose.

People often ask what to do with them. Hang them on a wall (use a tiny binder clip to hold them up). Set them on a shelf. Use them as a book mark. Use them as a mug rug/coaster. Tuck them in a envelope and send happy mail to a loved one.

What would you do with a tiny stitched portrait?

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Creating with Her Sewing Machine

Thursday, 23. June 2016 6:35 | Author:

This is me lately; when not at work or sleeping, I am at my sewing machine stitching away on a dozen different projects. Deadlines are approaching along with some much needed time off for summer fun.
She enjoys creating with her sewing machine (15” x 23”)

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Sew Happy Home

Monday, 20. June 2016 9:25 | Author:

A cat sits atop shelves full of fabric and stares out the window.
A dog naps next to a sewing table.
A girl cut fabric for her next project.
Each scene is part of a 9” x 36” quilt block I designed for a local quilt shop for the 2016 Row by Row Experience.
I had a fun time sketching and stitching up the samples. The pattern is darn cute. Want a copy? Visit Quilt Zone in Anchorage, AK starting June 21 through September 6. If you can’t make it to Alaska, patterns will be available for purchase in November.
There are hundreds quilt shops participating in Row by Row. Visit them and ask for a copy of their free row pattern. Many shops also offer kits. Stitch 8 rows together in a quilt and you might win a bundle of fat quarters.

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They Enjoy Date Nights

Sunday, 19. June 2016 22:17 | Author:

Date nights in my household is often a movie on the couch after a yummy dinner at home or a movie on half price day. Regardless of what we are doing, it’s always nice to spend time together.
They enjoy date nights (13” x 17”)
What are some of your favorite date nights?

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Saturday, 18. June 2016 22:17 | Author:

Alaska is blossoming – lilacs, wild roses, cow parsnip, lupine, forget me nots and fireweed are all blooming. It makes me want to use all the pretty floral fabrics I can find.
Bloom (11” x 14”)

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Pet Portraits

Friday, 17. June 2016 22:17 | Author:

I spent some time doodle stitching and later coloring some tiny pet portraits.
Each one measure 3.5” x 4.5”.
This is Fluffy. She insisted I take a break while she sat on my chest and purred. She was not happy that I stopped petting her to take her picture.

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Everyday Outside Blessing

Thursday, 16. June 2016 22:17 | Author:

It was warm today – warmer than usual and beautiful. A fun day to sew holiday stockings with my quilt guild.
Everyday outside is a blessing (13” x 17”)

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