Spooky House 2

Friday, 24. October 2014 18:57 | Author:

A haunted house shadowed against a spooky sky
Spooky House 2 (12” x 12”)

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He Will Suck Your Blood

Thursday, 23. October 2014 17:41 | Author:

A little boy dressed as dracula wpid-IMG_6978-2014-10-23-17-411.jpg
This kid demands candy for trick-or-treating
He will suck your block if you fail to provide candy (6.5” x 10.5”)

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Halloween Haunted House Quilt

Wednesday, 22. October 2014 20:12 | Author:

This is the next quilt for our friends’ year of quilts. They love Halloween so I decided to go a bit crazy and piece together a haunted house with a few spooky figures peering out into the night. Around the house is a sky full of bats. The door is open, welcoming visitors to be frightened.
Around the house are 3 borders and l bound it with creepy eyes. It measures 60” x 60”.
On the back is a patchwork of various Halloween prints.

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Spooky House 1

Tuesday, 21. October 2014 20:07 | Author:

A house glows orange against a green bat filled sky
Spooky House 1 (12” x 12”)

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Howls at the Moon

Monday, 20. October 2014 19:19 | Author:

Is he dressed as a wolf or is he a werewolf?
He howls at the moon on Halloween (6.5” x 10.5”)

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Freak for Halloween

Sunday, 19. October 2014 19:21 | Author:

Spider wrapped legs and sky high hair
She let her freak out for Halloween (6.5” x 10.5”)

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Sketching – Halloween

Saturday, 18. October 2014 19:24 | Author:

Boys!!! Yep, some boys in Halloween costumes – teen wolf, superman and daddy mummy.
I had to add a girl or two to the mix – dracula, freaky party girl and witch
The kids all need a spooky house to visit for trick-or-treating.

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Breezy Autumn Days

Friday, 17. October 2014 19:16 | Author:

a skirt caught in a breeze
as she strolls through a park
She loves breezy autumn days (8” x 14”)

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Disco Girl

Thursday, 16. October 2014 17:55 | Author:

Funky pink background
short skirt and boots – this girl loves disco!
Disco girl at heart (8” x 10”)

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No Place Like Home Challenge

Wednesday, 15. October 2014 19:57 | Author:

In March while visiting the Ohio Valley Quilters’ Guild in Cincinnati, I was given a challenge. Create a quilted item using a bit of each fabric and at least one embellishment included in the challenge packet. After too many months, I finally knew what I wanted to create – tiny quilts to decorate a home.
I cut squares of the text print and brown fabric along with some batting to create the base for a pillowcase style bound quilt with loops of ribbon included. Once all the quilts were turned right side out and stitched closed on the edges, I cut tiny squares of the other two fabrics and a larger bit of muslin that were stitched to the top. I then used blue thread to add a word or two each little quilt. I hand stitched an embellishment to the quilt and threaded a skewer through the ribbon loops and added a bit of check ribbon.
16 tiny quilts were created – each one meeting the challenge requirements. I’ll be sending these to Cincinnati so that the Ohio Valley Quilters can enjoy them.

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