Make Time to Play

Sunday, 7. February 2016 6:19 | Author:

It may be Super Bowl Sunday and a day to play football, but here, it’s a day to play in my studio.
Make time to play (9” x 12”)
Hope you make time for creative play soon – it feeds the soul and spreads joy.

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Dreams Grow Daily

Saturday, 6. February 2016 6:00 | Author:

‘Dream big’ is stitched into this batik background and tiny white decorative stitches adorn the top of her purple dress.
Her dreams grow daily (5.5” x 9”)

Three of my art quilts were juried into a show at a local gallery that opened today. I was excited to visit a gallery I had never been to before and to see all the awesome art quilts. The show is up until March 1 and the Blue Hollomon Gallery is fantastic. If you’re local, stop by to see the show.

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Loves to Hit the Ice

Friday, 5. February 2016 5:58 | Author:

Hockey! My favorite part is the white stitching to look like laces.
He loves to hit the ice (9“ x 12”)

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Yellow Bike Happy

Thursday, 4. February 2016 6:22 | Author:

A happy bike for my favorite day of the week! Thursdays are great – almost the weekend, but far away from Monday.
Yellow Bike Happy (14” x 11”)
This quilt is part of a trunk show display of my art quilts at the quilt shop where I work.
It’s fun to talk to customers about my quilts and patterns.

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They Found Joy

Tuesday, 2. February 2016 6:22 | Author:

“Dream” is stitched into the background and these two girls have mischief to make.
They found joy (5.5” x 9”)

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Her Imagination is Wild

Monday, 1. February 2016 6:22 | Author:

After a few weeks working at the quilt shop, I find myself seeing possibility in fabrics, I might overlook if I were browsing the store. It’s dangerous (to the budget) and fun!
Her imagination is wild (5.5” x 9”)

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Hockey Fun

Sunday, 31. January 2016 6:32 | Author:

We may not have snow, but we do have ice – there’s even been people skating on streets. I often see people playing hockey on the local lakes and many of the schools have rinks that double as basketball or tennis courts in the summer.
Hockey is his fun (9” x 12”)
What fun do you have planned for today?

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They Plan to Build a Snowman

Saturday, 30. January 2016 6:16 | Author:

There’s been rain and there’s ice here, but no snow. However, I know some of you are enjoying snow this winter. I hope you get a chance to build a snowman or make snow angels or build a snow fort.
They plan to build a snowman (6” x 12”)

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Enjoys Quiet Moments

Friday, 29. January 2016 6:16 | Author:

This week I have been grateful for some quiet time to catch up on bookkeeping, listen to podcasts, make lists and dream.
Enjoys quiet moments (5.5” x 9”)

I’ve also been gathering sketches to turn them into patterns. For those of you who have used my patterns, I need your advice. Which do you prefer when tracing the appliqué desing: pieces separated (option A) or image assembled (option B)?


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Dancing on Ice

Thursday, 28. January 2016 6:16 | Author:

Once, when much younger, my brothers, friends and I slid down the bank of a creek to play on the ice – it was a so much fun to run and slide on the ice. I remember attempting to glide on a a rink a year or so later with actual skates – it did not go well. That single blade and my ankles didn’t get along. My idea of skating now, is socks on the clean kitchen floor.
She enjoys dancing on ice (5.5” x 11”)
I imagine this girl is like many people here, she grew up skating on the frozen lakes, lagoons and ponds around town.

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