I’m Possible

Wednesday, 28. January 2015 5:50 | Author:

A stitched reminder on an orange dress
Little details at the top the dress and math text print face
Green flowers stitched on a blue and green background
Nothing is impossible the word itself says “I’m possible” (16” x 20”)

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Random Makings

Tuesday, 27. January 2015 6:00 | Author:

I completed a few doll size quilts for stuffed animals. My quilt guild will pair them with stuffed animals and give them to children.
This is my favorite one – happy hippos. I once had a night terror about a small white hippo attacking me – I woke up screaming “hippo attack! hippo attack!” My husband has shared this story with many people and my friends often tease me about it. I’ve decide to befriend hippos and have been using hippo fabric in a few projects lately. wpid-IMG_8422-2015-01-27-06-00.jpg
I adopted the orphan block and appliquéd some Pooh and friends fabric to make it more child friendly. I practiced free motion stitching to quilt this.
I ordered new business cards as my current stash was running low. I like to order 75 of each design so I can try out new designs.

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Enjoys Being on Skis

Monday, 26. January 2015 5:56 | Author:

We’ve been lacking snow in parts of Alaska, so this weekend’s snow and cold are something to celebrate. At my house we enjoyed the snow with a Bond movie marathon while I cut fabric for lap size quilts and did bookkeeping.

He enjoys being on skis (8” x 10”)

I never realized just how many early Bond movies had skiing and scuba diving. Perhaps some scuba diving quilts are in my future or maybe Bond inspired art quilts. I shall get sketching.

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Journey of an Art Quilt – You Are Not Alone

Wednesday, 21. January 2015 21:58 | Author:

A little research on a topic or a search for inspiration leads to a sketch.
I make my Initial fabric selections and if creating for a client adjust my selections based feedback. In this quilt we decided on softer colors for the girls’ clothing instead of the bright pink and green fabrics in the bottom right,
I lay out the collaged background and create the girls – nothing is permanent yetwpid-IMG_8108-2015-01-21-21-58.jpg
Once I get the okay from either myself or the client, the background collage is fused to the batting and I quilt the background. I quilted the background with gray thread to tone down the brights in the sky, add definition to the mountains and blend in with the water.
The quilt is trimmed and girls are fused in place. Additional stitching in black is added. Lastly, the quilt is bound and hangers are attached.
You are not alone (36” x 23”)

I so love the sunset sky in this piece; it’s bright, but not too bright.

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Flowers Her Happy

Tuesday, 20. January 2015 6:26 | Author:

The gray days have me longing for color and these flowers are perfect for dreams of spring. Once I outline stitched around everything, I like all the flowers on her head – there’s not too many.
I love all the stitching in the background and on her dress. I’m so happy that I have stopped hoarding my Anna Maria Horner fabrics and started adding them to art quilts.
Flowers are her kind of happy (10” x 20”)

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Be Here Now

Friday, 16. January 2015 7:19 | Author:

This quilt was proposed for the quilts I created for a local residential treatment facility. However, after seeing the quilt half assembled with the others I created, we determined the background fabric wasn’t quite right.
I loved how it looked, so I finished it anyway and created another for the commission order.
Be Here Now (17” x 24”)
This quilt is a great reminder to be present and enjoy the moment. I need that today as I am working on projects with fast approaching deadlines. Life seems to be blurring past me; I don’t want to miss the little moments of joy.

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Sportsball – Soccer

Thursday, 15. January 2015 6:23 | Author:

The soccer ball is cute.
He loves to play soccer (8” x 10”)

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Sportsball – Football

Wednesday, 14. January 2015 6:10 | Author:

I keep being told to make more boys. I’d thought I’d ease into it by making boys playing sports ball something. These two are enjoying a nice autumn game of football.
They love to play (8” x 10”)

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Back Sides

Tuesday, 13. January 2015 7:00 | Author:

We don’t remember days, we remember moments

I finished new art – I can only show you the back for now. They are off for consideration in a magazine. I can’t wait for them to return in 6 months to a year. Since finishing them I know just where I want to display them.
darling, let your mind wander, dream everyday then change those dreams

welcome bliss : hello happiness

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Scrap Quilt Finished

Sunday, 11. January 2015 21:48 | Author:

I quilted and bound my scrap quilt.
I started quilting with my favored square spiral, but threw in some wavy lines and along the edges some square tooth back and forth and a bit of script to say ‘family and love’.
Every piece of fabric in the quilt reminds me of projects I’ve completed in the last 2 years. It’s wonderful. We don’t really need another quilt here, at home but I can’t seem to part with it.
The back is full of larger scraps and left over bits. It’s not exactly pretty, but it’s fun and I used what I had on hand.

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