Science Stripes

Tuesday, 30. September 2014 19:46 | Author:

This is the next quilt for our friends’ year of quilts. Since there’s not a holiday in August or September that has a big theme, we opted to celebrate back to school with a science quilt. The front has stripes for atoms, molecules, DNA, beakers and geek fun.
The quilt is backed with elements and formulas.
I quilted it with waving lines.

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Dress with Pockets

Monday, 29. September 2014 19:46 | Author:

How could I resist ‘believe magic’ on her face?
This party girls pattern always makes me thinks she has her hands her pockets
She loves a dress with pockets (6” x 8”)

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She is Happy Too

Sunday, 28. September 2014 19:46 | Author:

It’s still sunny and autumn here in Anchorage so I am celebrating with another she is happy quilt. Last year, we had snow by this time so loving all the colors and crunchy leaves.
Next to the glasses, ‘’hello sunshine happy happy’ stitched into the background is my favorite part.
She is happy (9” x 9”)

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Moves with Joy

Saturday, 27. September 2014 20:35 | Author:

I can never make just 1 of each pattern for an art quilt – it allows me to be okay with mistakes if I have to toss a quilt out (yes, yes, I do that sometimes). But it also lets me know where to make the next one even better.
I will vary the background (like using a lighter brown for the floor) or change the dress or hair color to make each quilt just a little unique and the sentiment gives the quilt a voice.

This dancer is so full of joy and present in the moment.
She moves with joy (8” x 11”)

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Ready for Fun

Friday, 26. September 2014 20:27 | Author:

a mini art quilt with a simple background
brown hair and rosy cheeks in a happy yellow dress
She is ready for fun (6” x 8”)

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Happiness is Catching

Thursday, 25. September 2014 20:19 | Author:

A happy girl in a dotted dress
with boots is ready for an adventure
Her happiness is catching (9” x 9”)

Have you been on any adventures recently? Last weekend we drove an hour north so we could drive along a 14 mile dirt road through a mountain pass. The views were amazing and on the way home the area was filled with rain and double rainbows.

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Night on the Town

Wednesday, 24. September 2014 20:07 | Author:

I love making backgrounds from scrap fabric, but lately I’ve been finding fabrics that have the right scale for making scenes with little piecing or collaging.
This building print and gray solid made a fun city scene for my blonde party girl.
She loves a night on the town (8” x 13”)

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She is Happy

Tuesday, 23. September 2014 21:31 | Author:

Red boots = happiness
This is a commission piece for a fellow artist who wanted a gift for a friend.
A girl in glasses enjoying the sun with ‘hello’ and ‘happy’ stitched into the sky with blue thread
She is happy (9” x 9”)

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Ready for Autumn

Monday, 22. September 2014 21:02 | Author:

Autumn is here – cooler temperatures, colors, jackets, boots and squirrels!
I found this amazing tree border print and knew it would make amazing autumnal quilts. I sketched a girl in a coat with windblown hair to be on the quilt.
She is ready for autumn fun (8” x 14”)

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Dances Joyously

Sunday, 21. September 2014 21:47 | Author:

A new dancer pattern
A moment captured mid-turn with a tiny tulle tutu hand-stitched to the quilt.
She dances joyously (8” x 11”)

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