She Enjoys Rainy Days

Friday, 29. April 2016 20:16 | Author:

It’s still dusty everywhere! My allergies are begging for a nice soaking rain and in general rainy days are great.
She enjoys rainy days (9” x 12”)
You can make this girl using the Umbrella Girls 2 pattern.
The sky is called Passing Cloud in gray from Cloud 9. It’s mostly sold out online, but check your local fabric shop you might find some there. I used the organic cotton, not the flannel. The grass is from the Modern Batik Collection. Here clothes and skin are scraps of unknown origin.

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Discover Adventure

Thursday, 28. April 2016 20:16 | Author:

She is cute as a button and ready for find fun.
Discover adventure (5.5” x 9”)

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Walking Side by Side

Wednesday, 27. April 2016 23:03 | Author:

This couple, part of my Side By Side pattern, can be set in other settings besides winter. Their outfits are appropriate for early spring or fall – they would look great at silhouettes on a sunset background too.
Walking in a winter wonderland (9” x 12”)

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They Like Adventures

Tuesday, 26. April 2016 22:50 | Author:

The mountains are still capped in snow – it’s beautiful to see spring chasing the snow away.
They like winter adventures (6” x 12”)
You can create a similar quilt with my Side By Side pattern.

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Celebrate Today

Monday, 25. April 2016 21:45 | Author:

A pretty dress and a side bun – this was me today!
Celebrate today (5.5” x 9”)

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Enjoys Bike Adventures

Sunday, 24. April 2016 21:38 | Author:

This fat tire bike didn’t make the cut when I was designing my pattern. While this makes a cute art quilt, I just wasn’t thrilled with the perspective and there was little room to add fun details like spokes.
He enjoys winter bike adventures (9” x 12”)

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Love Her Bike

Saturday, 23. April 2016 21:16 | Author:

My husband changed the tires on our fat tire bikes – they are ready for summer fun, but nonetheless, I do love my snow bike.
She loves her snow bike (9” x 12”)
Want to create a quilt like this? Use my Fat Tire Fun patterns and this fabric by McKenna Ryan.

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Enjoys Fun

Friday, 22. April 2016 20:54 | Author:

Winter may be done, but I have few snow themed quilts that I haven’t shared yet, like this Ski Fun girl.wpid-IMG_2853-2016-04-22-20-54.jpg
She enjoys winter fun (8” x 10”)

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Dreaming of a Life Together

Thursday, 21. April 2016 21:51 | Author:

I’m often asked, why do you use the text fabrics? The short answer is: I like words and I like visual art – both tell stories. The longer answer is that our skin – every scar, bruise, freckle – tells a story about the life we have lived. The text prints represent those stories.
Dreaming of a life together (5.5” x 9”)

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Happy Stitching Quilts

Wednesday, 20. April 2016 21:22 | Author:

I’ve enjoyed testing patterns, especially this girl stitching away at her machine – Sew Cute Quilter.
She is happy stitching quilts (9.5” x 13”)

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