The Makers Notebook Covers

Sunday, 19. April 2015 10:15 | Author:

I ordered extra Cori Dantini The Makers fabric panels because they are so cute. I used a few of the panels to create some new fabric notebook covers.
They are adorable! Want one? I listed a few in my Etsy shop.

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Fabric Friday 4

Friday, 17. April 2015 20:13 | Author:

The Makers fabric line by Cori Dantini is happiness on fabric with spring colors and girls making things! The collection include large, medium and small girl panels.
The other fabrics in the collection will blend perfectly with the panels to create a great quilt.
They will also make great art quilt backgrounds.

I picked up the Makers collection from Fat Quarter Shop.

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Decide Happy

Thursday, 16. April 2015 17:13 | Author:

Double top knots in blonde on a chocolate background. Sometimes I start creating a magpie girl art quilt, but once the girl is added, she doesn’t want ruffles.
She has a message to share that I stitch into her white dress. wpid-IMG_9071-2015-04-16-17-13.jpg
What ever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy (13” x 16”)

Happiness is a choice – have you decided to have fun today?

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Ready for Garden Party

Wednesday, 15. April 2015 17:13 | Author:

The bushes in my backyard have started to bud – spring is almost here. I know further south of here flowers and green green grass fill yards. This girl and I are anxious to enjoy a day in a blooming garden.
Her sweater is embellished with little loops of stitching. And tiny flowers are quilted into the background.
She is ready for a garden party (5” x 9”)

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Near the Ocean

Tuesday, 14. April 2015 16:54 | Author:

Pigtails and a tiny heart on her dress
A girl in boots on an ocean blue background stitched with tiny loops.
She loves being near the ocean (5” x 9”)

I recently saw a poll that people preferred an ocean view over a mountain view. I have a mountain view and love it, but I like hearing waves and smelling salt water so I can understand wanting an ocean view.

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Let the Music Play

Monday, 13. April 2015 16:55 | Author:

With a weave print background, I stitched ‘music is life’ over and over again.
I added a simple record player made with a variety of Basic Grey fabrics.
Let the music play (8.5” x 14”)

Simple designs can speak volumes. picked comments 9 and 13 as the lucky winners of my STITCHED 2015 blog hop giveaway – congratulation to Celeste and Kathy! There’s still time to win the Magpie Girl Art quilt – register for STITCHED 2015 by April 17th.

All quilts are still on sale in my believemagic Etsy Shop – take advantage of the Share Joy Quilt Sale through the end of April.

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Ready for Spring

Sunday, 12. April 2015 16:55 | Author:

Happy pink flowers in the background and girl in a spring dress with a sweater on top because where I am it’s still chilly. I’m waiting for everything to green up and bloom. Has spring arrived where you are?
She is ready for spring (5” x 9”)

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Fabric Friday 3

Friday, 10. April 2015 16:54 | Author:

When I saw photos from fall quilt market, I lusted after the Mercury print in Alison Glass’s new SunPrint 2015 collection.
The print is so geometric and sciencey that I I had to have it. Not at all sure what I will do with it, but I love it.
I enjoyed her Text print in the earlier release of SunPrint, so I decided to get the entire collection. The Ink print will make great backgrounds for art quilts.
Grove looks like a great blender and I think small bits of it will be good in art quilt backgrounds.

I picked up this fat quarter bundle from ModernQuilter on Etsy.

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Celebrate Life’s Joys

Thursday, 9. April 2015 16:54 | Author:

A red head in a green silk ballgown. The top of the gown is embellished with tiny hand stitches in green thread.
The background is comprised of various black and white fabrics. A grid is stitched in black thread and embellished with white circles.
She is ready to celebrate life’s joys (13” x 16”)

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Loves Her Job

Wednesday, 8. April 2015 17:31 | Author:

The pretty flower on her jacket goes well with the trim on her dress.
Until my art can pay the bills, I have a day job as a technical writer/junior project manager. I love all things documentation and when I get to focus on writing and documentation, I come alive and I don’t mind working late to finish a project. Does your job light you up?
She loves her job (5” x 9”)

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