Make Today Count

Sunday, 29. November 2015 6:22 | Author:

Cheerful [heart] is stitched into this yellow-green background. Decorative stitching creates a belt on her teal dress.
She mades today count (5.5” x 9”)

I’m hoping to have more energy to play and create, if my nasty cold cooperates. If not, I’ll enjoy moments of fun between naps.

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Her Wishes Come True

Friday, 27. November 2015 5:59 | Author:

A ballerina with red hair in a happy yellow room.
Her wishes come true (9” x 12”)

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Grateful Heart

Thursday, 26. November 2015 5:55 | Author:

Sending you wishes for a happy and joyous Thanksgiving.
Grateful Heart (6” x 12”)

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Noticing Niceness

Wednesday, 25. November 2015 5:46 | Author:

I adore how ‘the’ is centered on her chest and ‘bliss’ is stitched into the orange background and …
… tiny stitching sets off the bottom of the dress
Noticing Niceness (5.5” x 9”)

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Tiny Portraits

Tuesday, 24. November 2015 6:31 | Author:

creative : : ready for fun : : peace
sing joy : : hello friend : : helpful heart
happy dad : : imagine : : happy
share joy : : laugh : : beauty
These tiny portraits measure about 3” x 4” or 4” x 5”. I like giving them as gifts. They make great bookmarks or wall decorations. Use a tiny binder clip and pin them a bulletin board or wall. They can also be used as a mug rug/coaster for your yummy beverages.

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Collection Inspires Her to Create

Monday, 23. November 2015 6:34 | Author:

This quilt is so me. The brown hair, the happy hello and the sentiment. My collection of fabrics, threads, paper, and all the embellishment inspires me to create each day.
That tiny strip of measuring tape fabric is canvas. I like the mix of fabrics and textures in these backgrounds; it’s a fun detail.
The collection in silver in aqua goes well with the yellow background.
Her collection inspires her to create (13” x 17”)

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Floral ABCs Throw

Sunday, 22. November 2015 6:34 | Author:

I saw this fabric and just couldn’t cut it up. It’s great for quilt backing, but I thought it needed be the star of a whole cloth quilt.
I stitched many dahlias to quilt this.
I used a pink and gold floral print to bind it. The back is a plain cream cotton. This small throw measures 40” x 44”. It would make a great baby quilt for a girl or a pretty lap quilt for your home. It’s available via my Etsy shop.

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Finding Love

Saturday, 21. November 2015 6:34 | Author:

I see these two as heading out for their first date.
Finding Love (6” x 9”)
The matching blonde hair seems a bit odd, but the colors just work.

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Journal & Notebook Fun

Friday, 20. November 2015 6:10 | Author:

Before the big holiday bazaar, I created 36 small journals – here they are before I inserted the paper notebooks into the covers.
I enjoy using lots of different fabrics – some very new, some old but all happy.
There were also larger journals. On front of each notebook or signature, I create a small collage with tags, stickers, happy bits of paper. It’s one my favorite parts of creating these larger journals.
I adore the size of composition notebooks and these fabric covers can be reused with new notebooks once you fill the one included.

Want you own journal or notebook or need some great holiday gifts? My Etsy shop has been restocked.

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Dances Everyday

Thursday, 19. November 2015 6:33 | Author:

A puffy tutu, a star topped magic wand and pink hair – it makes me so happy.
She dances everyday (9” x 12”)

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