Skipping Rope

Tuesday, 4. August 2015 6:59 | Author:

A pretty plaid dress …
to enjoy a beautiful day
She enjoys skipping rope on a pretty day (8” x 10”)
I might need to pick up a jump rope after making these quilts. It looks like so much fun.

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Jumping for Fun

Monday, 3. August 2015 6:49 | Author:

This morning seems to be all about twittering birds so this quilt seemed fitting with the birds in the sky background.
I’m enjoying the new infusion of Denyse Schmidt scraps into art quilts – this yellow dress is one of them. The scale is perfect.
She jumping for fun in the summer (8” x 10”)
I might need to pick up a jump rope after making these quilts.

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New Perspective

Friday, 31. July 2015 6:37 | Author:

Of course, I could make just one handstand quilt! These are such a delight and so fun to assemble.
I adore the bare feet in the sky and how her hair is pooling in the field of flowers.
Sometimes your need a new perspective (9” x 12”)
As July is wrapping up, I hope you find yourself enjoying the summer sun and wildflowers.

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Cannot Contain Happiness

Thursday, 30. July 2015 6:26 | Author:

Hello happiness stitched in the sky – and yes those are here legs up there too.
I saw this tiny floral print at a quilt shop recently and it immediately got me thinking of fun outdoor quilts. It looks great paired with this muted green to create some mid-ground in the quilt.
She cannot contain her happiness (9” x 12”)
I had so much fun making this handstand girl. There’s a lot of dress to play with, so a bold print can work and it just exudes happiness.

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Dip Net Fishing

Tuesday, 28. July 2015 22:15 | Author:

A fellow artist challenged me to make a quilt of a guy fishing on the Kenai.
It’s salmon fishing season here in Alaska, so there have been lots of photos to inspire some quilts.
Since I can’t make just one quilt at a time, I created two dip net fishing quilts. Each is 12” x 9”.
As I was stitching these, I kept thinking about how to crete the nets. I looked into using netting I’ve saved from fruit packaging or netting from dressmaking supplies, but it all seemed wrong. Instead, I chose to stitch the netting free hand with black thread. I like how these turned out.

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Make Mischief

Saturday, 25. July 2015 23:03 | Author:

you are beautiful : : she is brave
she faces her fears : : create happy
make mischief : : her dreams let her fly

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New Journal Style

Friday, 24. July 2015 23:02 | Author:

I’ve been trying a new journal making method – these are made so that the notebook pages inside can be traded out once full.
I use elastic cord for the binding and closure – adding a metal tags for embellishment.
I tried two size: 4” x 6” and 6” x 8”. I plan to try some new ones at 5.5” x 8.5” soon. I like the idea that someone could fold their own paper and create a notebook to slip inside their journal cover.
The larger journals have a few stitched pages, while the little ones are kept plain. I can’t wait to play with this technique more.

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Hiking Adventures

Thursday, 23. July 2015 23:03 | Author:

I have several scrap bags from Denyse Schmidt that I opened to make some new quilts. i like the colors and patterns in her scraps; they’re often not things I would think to use otherwise.
She enjoys hiking adventures (5.5” x 11”)

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Share Your Smile

Wednesday, 22. July 2015 23:03 | Author:

she loves her dog : : flowers are her happy
share joy and laughter : : she is happy in the forest
share your smile : : live happy

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Journal Throw Kindness Around Like Confetti

Tuesday, 21. July 2015 23:03 | Author:

I tried a new tie with this journal. Its a bit romantic and I adore the ‘throw kindness around like confetti’ tag.

Various pages and covers. I like making mini collages on the first page of each signature.

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