Fairy Tale Sketch

I’ve got a wicked cold, but I find myself motivated to finish another fairy tale art quilt. Will she wear a dress of golden suns, silver moons or the one embroidered with bright stars? We’ll see what happens in the studio tomorrow as I attempt to bring The True Bride to life.

Happy Accident

I like the serendipity of “happiness” on the neck of the girl with pink hair – it truly was a happy accident that it ended up that way.
Sisters and friends (5.5” x 9”)

Chooses Happiness

This girl has confidence in her abilities to express herself and chase her dreams. It’s not always easy, but the more she practices, the less scary it is. Choose to go confidently into the world and pursue what makes you happy.
She chooses happiness (5.5” x 9”)


Drawing with thread is fun! Coloring my drawing is also fun. IMG_6352-2017-02-19-21-35.jpg
Bloom (7” x 10”)
I really like the wrap around neck tattoo she has.