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Tuesday, 3. March 2015 7:50 | Author:

STITCHED 2015 started! It is so fun to see all the classes and decide which videos to watch first. As I watch the STITCHED 2015 videos, I’ve been applying fusible webbing to cotton batting, cutting batik fabrics for mini art quilts and I started quilting some of the mini backgrounds (yes, I watch videos, tv and movies while quilting – they make great background noise when music doesn’t feel right).

After fusing the front fabric to the batting, I bound these mini quilts pillow case style before I started the quilting. It results in less puckering gives me such smooth surface for quilting. I used this on the mini one word art quilts I’ve been sharing.
Last week I began piecing together a quilt top. I had a few extra blocks left over, so I created a pillow cover. With lots of straight line quilting. I need to get a 14” pillow form insert and it’ll be all done. I attempted to add piping with french seams, but, it didn’t look right. So I scrapped the piping, but I did successfully do french seams! Gotta celebrate the little wins!

Thank you all for the magpie girl sentiment suggestions. i’m still debating which one to use – dancing was super popular. Congratulations to Debbie who will receive several patterns and other fun goodies.

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Fabric Friday 1

Friday, 27. February 2015 18:02 | Author:

I thought I’d try something new – sharing the fabrics that I pick up to fill my stash. The intent isn’t to have you go buy them, but to tell you why I choose the fabrics I do. I love pre-cuts. Most of my art quilts are small so I don’t need large pieces of fabric. I tend to buy fat quarters or half yard cuts. If I love a fabric, I might buy a few yards to use in a bed or throw size quilt.
First up – Passport by 3 Sisters for Moda. I picked up a fat quarter bundle since there were so many good text and map prints that I could use as ‘skin’ on the girls and boys that are featured on my art quilts. Even the green and blue text prints might work too – green with envy or so cold she’s turning blue.
The ship fabrics are not likely to be in an art quilt, but who knows – they are pretty cool. They would definitely work in a boy themed kids quilt.

If case you want some yourself, I found my fat quarter bundle at Fat Quarter Shop.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

I know I’ve been mentioning STITCHED 2015 a lot. I am so excited and I have to share. I do so hope you’ll join the fun. You can sign up today or after it starts on March 1st. It’s going be a great year of creativity and inspiration. I always get such great ideas when I see how others create. You can watch the video classes at your own pace, so there’s no pressure – only fun with STITCHED 2015.

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Share Joy – – Create

Thursday, 26. February 2015 17:45 | Author:

Buttons!!! A local quilt shop here is going out of business. Of course I shopped the sale. I was most excited to grab bags of buttons for $1 each. I’ve had them on my desk since I brought them home. I keep pouring them out and sorting them. Enjoying the colors, shapes and sizes.

This wash tape fabric is so joyful. I quilted it with little balloon anchored to the floor with string. A variety of buttons fill each balloon.

Ever see those tags or ribbon wrapped around a button on men’s shirts that say ‘wrinkle free’ ? I have oodles of them because I refuse to iron my husband’s shirts. The wrinkle free shirts are worth the money so I can have more time to create! The backsides of the tags are plain so they make fun little ribbon embellishments.

Share Joy and Create are available in my Etsy shop.

STITCHED 2015 starts in 3 days!!! After watching this video by Alma Stoller, my excitement level has me bouncing in my chair.

I so hope you will join us for STITCHED 2015 – it’s going to be so much learning and sharing the experience together.

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Love – – Loved

Wednesday, 25. February 2015 19:03 | Author:

I’ve been reading young adult novels lately and of course there’s a love story – an epic 10 book (so far) love story. The books are seriously entertaining – I just can’t put them down – which is problem if I want to sew. I can’t read and sew at the same time. Maybe I should try books on tape so I could sew and read.
This love mini art quilt is quilted with a single giant flower embellished with a bit of crochet play and a bright pink button.
Every time I go on vacation, I take a book and some kind of hand stitching project. I hand stitched the word, hearts and crochet bit onto the linen fabric almost a year ago. I kept thinking I would add the piece to a fabric book but I finally decided a mini art quilt would be better.

Love and Loved are available in my Etsy shop.

Have you signed up for STITCHED 2015? I am excited for the class with Lesley Riley – I love her Fragment Fabric Collages.

What books am I reading? A Shade of Vampire Series by Bella Forrest. I’m starting book 6 as soon as I publish this entry.

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Be You – – Grow

Tuesday, 24. February 2015 21:15 | Author:

Much of the US is blanketed in snow, while here in Alaska, I can see green grass. It’s weird – I miss the snow, but I also want flowers! This orange, pink and gray floral scrap jumped out of at me. Paired with the subdued gray and bubbly stitching, it is so happy.
To me orange is a unique color that dares you to be yourself – thus the ‘be you’ stitching.

The blacks, green, blue and purple seem to be bursting to life on this light gray fabric.
I added a variety of buttons to the fabric scraps quilted with giant flower shapes.

Be You and Grow are available in my Etsy shop.

Did you see the first prize that will be awarded to one lucky STITCHED 2015 participant?
A pink sewing machine! Sign up for STITCHED 2015 today so you don’t miss a chance to win!

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Practical Fun

Monday, 23. February 2015 22:20 | Author:

A stack of mini art quilts created because I wanted to play and practice. Before I share the colorful fronts, I thought you might like to see the backs.
Why the backs? I use small quilt sandwiches to practice my free motion stitching.
I used dark fabric on the back and white thread so you can see all the stitching.

In other fun news, I received a new shipment of my text fprint abrics from Spoonflower and my Etsy shop has been restocked!

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Missing Sentiment Giveaway

Sunday, 22. February 2015 21:29 | Author:

Ruffles filled with treasure – lace, charms, fabric, buttons, jewels, stitching
A pink background covered swirls of stitching
Curly hair pulled up in a side bun
Untitled (16” x 20”)

This magpie girl isn’t quite finished yet – she is awaiting a sentiment. What do you think this quilt or girl is saying?

Leave me a comment before noon on Saturday, February 28th. I’ll select one random reader to receive a few of my patterns, fabric and other goodies.

STITCHED 2015 starts March 1st. Have you signed up? If yes, leave an additional comment for an extra chance to win.

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Group Quilts

Friday, 20. February 2015 5:53 | Author:

My modern quilting group created this wonky house quilt. Several of us made blocks and I created a few tree blocks to fit between the houses.
I pieced the blocks together and stitched the quilt.
It is backed with a small floral fabric from the giant stash of fabric for comfort quilts my quilt guild has.
Our modern quilting group also created this quilt. It is one of several we made with these fabrics. This quilt was quilted by one of members with a long-arm machine.

If you get my blog posts via email, it appears yesterday’s email didn’t let anyone play the video. This link should get you there.

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Magpie Girl Art Quilt Class Overview – Video Post

Thursday, 19. February 2015 6:10 | Author:

Today I’m sharing an overview of my Magpie Girl Art Quilt Class that is part of STITCHED 2015.

After watching I hope you will be inspired to sign up. STITCHED 2015 starts March 1st.

There are over 25 online video instructions for only $89. There are classes on free motion stitching, embroidery, surface design and so much more. Please join me! More details via Alma’s site: STITCHED 2015

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Lap & Throw Quilts

Wednesday, 18. February 2015 7:23 | Author:

I’ve been clearing space in my studio by finishing some lap and throw quilts that have been hanging around awaiting completion.
This one I pieced from my scraps using fabrics in cream, brown, green and red.
It’s backed with even more scraps in coordinating colors.
My friend created this quilt top and brought it to show and tell saying it was her first modern quilt top. I offered to take it home and quilt it.
With all the purple fabrics, I decided to quilt it with purple thread. I used mostly straight lines but added a bit of free motion stitching to add some love.
I found this red and purple striped fabric for the backing and binding. I’ve never used prairie points in a quilt before so I was bit befuddled as to how to quilt them. I opted to just quilt around them (no stitching on them). They wrinkle a bit after being washed, but it is a fun tactile piece of the quilt that those little triangles can be moved.

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