I Do in Alaska – Autumn

Wow – it’s been a long time since I posted. I stopped when my day job got extra stressful and time consuming.

I’ve been creating – mostly functional throw size quilts – but this piece I made for someone to give as a wedding gift. I love the fall colors of mushroom covered tree background.
They loved saying “I do” in Alaska (10 x 14”)

Joy at the Beach

“One cannot collect all the beautiful shells on the beach. One can collect only a few, and they are more beautiful if they are few.” – Anne Morrow Lindbergh

She finds joy at the beach (7” x 10”)

Together Do So Much

“The lessons from the peace process are clear; whatever life throws at us, our individual responses will be all the stronger for working together and sharing the load.” – Queen Elizabeth II

Together do so much (14” x 11”)


When you have over 60 girls all assembled and used 42, you have to make more quilts! I found this saying and knew the smaller scale girls would be fitting. This band of friends is ready handle all that life throws at them.

there is one thing stronger than magic: sisterhood (12” x 9”)

Stand Together

When I started the piece for the SAQA benefit auction, I couldn’t decide if I wanted the background to be green grass and blue sky or grays of a city street so I created one of each. I created more than 60 people in 3 different sizes so I could have the proper perspective and to have a variety of skin tones, hair styles, and clothes.

Strong Women Stand Together (12” x 12”)

Together We Can Do So Much

What do I like most about SAQA? The connection with people. During this time of social distancing, we can’t be together in person connecting but we are still making amazing things happen. From supporting SAQA and affecting community and global changes, we make a difference when we work together. This piece honors women working together to do so much.
Together we can do so much (12” x 12”)

Some Heros Wear Scrubs

One of these was commissioned. However, to show color options I created 2 girls and 2 backgrounds. After the customer is happy, I have an extra to enjoy too.
Nurses are amazing!
Some heros wear scrubs (5.5” x 9”)

Colorful Umbrella

I’m wishing for rain to help tamp down the pollen in the air and just because rainy days are fun.

Happiness is a colorful umbrella on a rainy day (7.5” x 10”)