Quilting is Her Happy

Thursday, 28. July 2016 23:45 | Author:

This has been me for the last few weeks – stitching like crazy. Journals and quilts. Sometimes the sewing machine is switched to a computer as I type up articles, design flyers and layout photos for fabric prints.
Quilting is her happy (9” x 12”)
Despite the crazy making feeling as I dash toward deadlines, I love it all. Quilting and sewing are truly my happy.

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Wedding Gift

Tuesday, 26. July 2016 6:45 | Author:

My friends are getting married and as usual I created a quilt as their gift. They asked if the quilt might be used as the backdrop for the ceremony so I got busy planning, cutting and stitching.
It incorporates their colors including gold which was a subtle pattern in most of the neutrals.
It’s backed with a triangle print and a chunk of navy blue and quilted with a dense square spiral stitching that I set on point like the blocks.

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Zipper Pouches

Sunday, 24. July 2016 6:40 | Author:

I’ve been experimenting with prints of my art on fabric.
Some are great for framing, but others are too small or extra copies.
So I grabbed a handful of zippers and made some pouches.
On one side is art, the other a coordinating fabric.
And the inside is lined too.

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Alaska Adventures

Friday, 22. July 2016 20:35 | Author:

Our friends are adorably cute together. This quilt reminds me of their visit. I may have to make another one where the girl has shorter hair to give to them.
They enjoy Alaska adventures (9” x 13”)

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Around Here Lately

Thursday, 21. July 2016 23:41 | Author:

A week with friends visiting Alaska was seriously fun and just the break I needed.
We hiked around lakes, biked around town, rode a tram up a mountain for a yummy lunch and of course took the always amazing wildlife cruise to see glaciers, whales, puffins and more.
Despite massive amounts of sunscreen, I sunburned my face while on the boat. It was worth it!
We watched the sunset from high above the city.
We were sad to see our friends go, but we have been diving back into work and catching up. For me that means turning these sketches and many more into art quilts. Can you guess the theme?

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Bike Happy

Friday, 8. July 2016 5:40 | Author:

I’m going to ride happy into a week of time off.

On the agenda: fun with friends visiting from the lower 48 and some stitching to meet a deadline.

Bike Happy – Aqua Bike (12” x 15”)

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Find Her Way

Tuesday, 5. July 2016 6:52 | Author:

Red hair, blue shirt, white-ish background – this is as close to patriotic as I get. Hope those in the USA had a great holiday. We celebrated with movies, yummy food and cleaning/setting up the house before house guests arrive while the cats hid from firecrackers and the vacuum.wpid-IMG_2445-2016-07-5-06-52.jpg
Finding her way (11” x 12”)
The background was created with quilted scraps and the girl is thread drawn and then colored with pigment ink markers blended with water.

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Love Fills Her Heart

Saturday, 2. July 2016 6:07 | Author:

Sometimes I try very hard to add an extra layer of fabric under a girl’s dress so the background doesn’t show through, but the subtle pattern from the background is pretty here. This color combination brings me back to high school when a sales lady in a department store convinced me and my mom that I could wear an orange t-shirt with teal/turquoise shorts. I now have a love affair with finding great orange and coral tops. Even found an orange polka dot skirt that makes me smile each time I wear it.

Love fills her heart (10” x 15”)

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Joy Cannot Be Contained

Friday, 1. July 2016 5:56 | Author:

I’ve been smitten with the new forget-me-not florals in the shop lately. They make such fun dresses on my quilts.

Her joy cannot be contained (13” x 17”)

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Reader Creativity

Thursday, 30. June 2016 5:59 | Author:

I love seeing quilters, artists and crafters creating pieces inspired by my patterns and creations.

Mary created quilted bags as a surprise for the members of her sewing group, the Quilting Queens, to use as project bags. Each is approximately 23” x 17” x 7” and has high heels on one side and a girl on the other. What a great gift and fun use for the girls.

Cindy sent me this photo of her youngest daughter taken in Kona, Hawaii. She loved the photo so much, she created a quilt with my Happy Girls pattern in mind.

Cindy writes:

I had to enlarge the picture enough to trace her body parts on my sunny west facing window, to make the pattern for her body and swimsuit cover-up.  The rest of the quilt was done free form and appliqué from just repeatedly looking at the photograph.  The quilt measures approximately 20” x 25″.  I named it “She’s Kona Jump!”, and gave it to her on June 3rd, for her 28th birthday.   She was actually at a loss for words, she loves it so much!  It hangs in her new apartment in her bathroom, with another one I made for her replicating her dancing on a beach.  

I love all the colors that she captured in the quilt with the sand, sea, sky, rock and tree. The quilt is as happy as the photo.

This Family Fun quilt was created by Mary. She has been enjoying some of my new patterns. I really love seeing them all together in one quilt and it’s such a fun way to capture the joy of your family.

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