Finds Fun – She is Loved

This was a commission piece that took months to come together. I had the other lighter pink backgrounds, but these fabrics from the Tula Pink Slow and Steady line really make the quilt come alive. On the wall it says “I’m a winner” a perfect sentiment for a quilt that was commissioned as a gift for a little girl.
A girl who love bright pink and giraffes.
She finds fun every day – she is loved (11” x 14”)


I really like how these quilted scraps look when they are stitched together. It’s such a fun, textured background for a stitched portrait.
Happy (6.5” x 7”)

Today, I am happy about fun fabrics found at a local quilt shop and plans for creating with a new to me product called Kraft-tex craft paper fabric. Time to oil my machine and get stitching (well after I sleep tonight).

What are you happy about?

Quilt Options

When I am asked to create a custom art quilt, I will create multiple backgrounds and sometimes multiple girls (or boys).
If I can’t decide which one is perfect for the recipient of the piece, I will take photos after the backgrounds are quilted, but before the girls and other items are fused in place.
I’ll send the photos to my client for her/his feedback.
I liked something about each combo – the polka dot dress on the first, the quilting on the second and the bright colors of the third.

Which one is your favorite?

Allow Joy

I had 4 days off. Time to allow joy. There was a sleeping in, running errands and lots of time in the studio. I wore my arm out cutting fabric, batting and fusible webbing. I burned my hand on my iron as I fused a large volume of quilt backgrounds and used up several bags of scraps. It was an enjoyable four days.
Find Fun (7” x 7.5”)

Student Creativity

On Saturday, I taught an art quilt class. Not only did each at student go home with a mostly completed project (additional embellishments pending), every student tried free motion quilting – some for the first time. I hope my students had as much fun as I did.

joy is a cartwheel any where by Jerri : : dance like no one is watching by Tina

I hope you dance by Mary : : she twirls everyday by Junko

she anticipated sweet dreams by Bobbie : : she enjoys the beauty of the ballet by Melozi
Love what you do (do what you love) by Peggy