Being Outside

Friday, 22. May 2015 5:33 | Author:

In the US, we are heading into a 3 day holiday weekend! Memorial Day is considered the start of the summer season.
This quilt celebrating being outside in the sun seems fitting for today.
She loves being outside (7” x 9”)

Hope you have a great weekend filled with much joy and laughter.

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Make Time for Fun

Thursday, 21. May 2015 5:33 | Author:

I’ve been trying to make time for fun every day and I’ve been accumulating a list of fun things that I used to do as a child – flying a kite is definitely on that list. Using bright blues and greens for to create these fused scrappy backgrounds was also fun.
Today I’m not just connecting with the idea of fun, I’m also seeing her run. I have this great desire to run away today – to a new adventure.

The house we were anxiously awaiting to move into was somehow built over utility easements – just one corner of it. I have no idea how in 20 years since it was constructed no one noticed; it has stumped everyone in the process. But until the easement is vacated by all 3 utility companies, no house for us – yet. We are going to take a break for a week or two and then look for another house. In the meantime, I’ll be unpacking my studio and settling back in. This last month where half of our home is packed (we were originally to move May 1), I’ve been slowly stitching on larger quilts for warmth and not making art quilts as much leaving me feeling a bit disconnected from myself. I miss the spontaneity of seeing a fabric on my shelf and knowing just what art quilt I want to make next.

She makes time for fun every day (8” x 10”)

Back to the topic of fun, I’d love to expand my fun list. What activities are fun for you?

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Wednesday, 20. May 2015 5:33 | Author:

For some journals I use fabric scraps for the covers and filled the pages with tags, scrap paper bits and fun word stickers and tickets.
For a few journals, I use pretty batik fabrics for the covers. I don’t like making bed quilts with batiks, but they look good on journals or mini quilts.
I cut into my stash of pretty hand-made papers that are vibrant and go so well with the batik covers. Under the hand-made paper pages are little pockets created with security envelopes, floral printed papers and snippets of life that I have collected and finally have a home in these journals.

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Ready for Adventure

Tuesday, 19. May 2015 5:33 | Author:

The mud is mostly dry around here, so the big boots this girl is wearing weren’t needed for my recent adventures.

I took 2 days off work for a lovely 4 day weekend – right before the upcoming 3 day weekend. We were supposed to move into our first house during this schedule 4 day weekend, but things are a bit gummed up. Instead we headed out for adventure. We spent a day exploring nearby towns (visiting quilt shops of course), then biking to enjoy the sunlight. There was lounging with good books, lots of sleep and some stitching on a quilt for warmth. What adventures have you been having?

She is ready for adventures (7” x 9”)

I decided her shirt needed to be a bit longer, so I fused on a bit more red fabric. When I was outline stitching it, I wanted the extra fabric to look intentional so I added some shirring to the bottom of the shirt. I like better on the actual quilt vs. the photo.

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Girly Journals – Trust Your Heart

Thursday, 14. May 2015 5:04 | Author:

Every time I make journals, I create at least one that is all girly. This cover uses scraps of Cori Dantini fabrics and lots of pink pages.
This journal uses floral and swirls on the cover is filled with pinks, reds and gray that coordinate with the tiny floral on the cover.
This journal dilutes the pink with lots of white and some fabulous wax resist dyed papers in pink, purple and orange. The cover is made from a single piece of gray striped fabric embellished with pink velvet ribbon. The inside cover reveals even more Cori Dantini fabric scraps.

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Bursting with Love

Wednesday, 13. May 2015 5:04 | Author:

Tula Pink fabric scraps and girl in a sassy dress and boots.
I tried to arrange the scraps to make a scene with grass, field, mountains and sky. All of the scraps were triangles or diamonds from a diamond quilt top I made last year.
Her heart is bursting with love (8” x 9”)

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Wish Love Seek Bliss Dream – Journals

Tuesday, 12. May 2015 5:03 | Author:

Lots of gray scraps are used for the cover that is filled with happy bright happy pages and fun embellishments.
This little journal reminds you to seek bliss and dream.
I don’t enjoy creating large quilts for warmth with batik fabrics but they look great on small art quilts and journal covers. This one is paired with some great art papers.

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Ready for Fun

Monday, 11. May 2015 6:21 | Author:

Its a sunny day this morning – a great time to share a new happy quilt. ‘Happy’ and ‘joy’ are stitched into the sky and the sun is created with a 3 different yellow fabrics.

Her dress is dotted with pink and embellished with scallops.

She is ready for fun (7” x 9”)

Hope your today is fun and sunny.

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Thursday, 7. May 2015 6:44 | Author:

These 3 journals measure 6” x 6” with 5.5” x 5.5” pages.
Since we are moving, I decided to cut into my stash of precious decorative papers to include in the journals. I love these giant florals in two different color ways. They made for great inspiration for themes in the journals.
I decided to try a new closure method – elastic. I will be trying this again when I get more pretty elastics.

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Where You Need to Be

Wednesday, 6. May 2015 6:13 | Author:

The pages of these fabric books have not been posted here; thought it was time to change that. I love adding wire formed words to fabric books. On the left, a piece of canvas with an image transfer is the foundation for the phrase.
A fussy cut bird from a favorite a fabric is next with a pocket stuffed with large tags. Some of the tags have muslin that I inserted in my typewriter and typed directly upon.
A paper postcard is added to this fabric book next to a page of fun fabrics that I dyed in 2005. The metal is stamped with the words ‘dream big’.

I use my fabric books as a place to experiment – like art journals. Sometimes simple is good, other times lots of layers work together. There are no rules as to how the pages are embellished.

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