Love Letter Colors

Sunday, 31. August 2014 18:26 | Author:

I had jelly rolls of the V and Co Simply Color that sort of fell out of a box as I searching for something. As I was cleaning my sewing room, I was more interested in making something with the fabric instead of putting it away. So I stitched 4 strips together and sub-cut them and rearranged the pieces to create rectangle blocks.
I added some white fabric with text (love letter fabric and dress form fabric) as sashing to make the quilt a bit larger. It’s a happy top!

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Scrap Quilt Part 3

Saturday, 30. August 2014 18:26 | Author:

I pieced together my top – 36 blocks each 12” randomly arranged.
I like the happy chaos of the top.
As I mentioned before kept the more muted colors aside and created a little throw with 12 blocks. The girls and words from a fabric panel add interest.

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Sketching – Project Runway

Friday, 29. August 2014 18:26 | Author:

I am a fan of Project Runway. I always watch it on Fridays and enjoy sketching as I do.

Loving the button tufted couch I drew up there and I’ve been practicing desks/tables with stuff on them.

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Small Quilt Binding and Hangers Tutorial

Thursday, 28. August 2014 21:45 | Author:

Below is my favorite method for adding quilt hangers as I bind a quilt.
Step 1: Gather materials.
– Quilt trimmed to size
– Single fold bias tape 1/2”
– Ribbon, 4 pieces about 1.5” – 2”
– 2 spiral paperclips (round or square)
– Lighter or lit candle or fray stop liquid
– Sewing machine and sewing supplies
Step 2: Singe both edges of the ribbon to stop fraying. You could use fray stop liquid instead of a lighter if you prefer.
Step 3: Open the bias tape and fold down the end about 1/2”.
Step 4a: Stitch the bias tape to the edge of your quilt with a 1/4” seam. Sew over the folded edge of the bias tape.
Step 4b: Continue sewing around the edge of the quilt like you would with any other binding including mitering your corners.
Step 4c: When you return to where you started, cut the bias tape to overlap the folded edge.
Step 4d: Finish sewing the bias tape in place.
Step 5a: Fold the bias tape around to the back of the quilt. The folded edge of the bias tape will cover the cut edge sealing it in.
Step 5b: Continue folding the bias tape to the back securing edge of the quilt in the binding. Pin the binding in place as needed.
Step 6: Place two ribbons on each spiral paperclip (hanger) at 90 degree angles.
Step 7: Slide the hangers into the upper corners of the quilt with the ribbon secured under the bias tape.
The top backside of your quilt will look like this.
Step 8: Stitch the edge of the binding in place. Removing pins as you go.
Step 9: At the corners, back tack over the ribbons.

Step 10: Press the edges of the quilt.
Here’s a quilt that isn’t black on black to show the completed back with hangers in place.

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Bloom Love Live Happy

Wednesday, 27. August 2014 18:26 | Author:

My paint chip colors inspired another projects using canvas, sheet musics, fabric, wire, wool and thread.
I created canvas quilt backgrounds bound pillowcase style. Then stitched slightly ruffled strips of sheet music to the background.
For love, I tore strips of purple fabric and ruffled them as I stitched them to the background with orange thread. I cut a heart from orange wool and stitched it in place, adding some exaggerated zig-zag stitching. I then formed ‘love’ and a tiny heart from annealed steel wire and hand stitched them in place.
For live happy, I stitched a heart and ‘happy’ from orange thread. I added a strip of purple ruffles machine stitched in place and the wire word was hand stitched across the heart. I added some additional hand stitching with orange thread.
I created flowers with strips of purples and orange fabric. I twisted the fabric as I stitched it to the background. I created a the outer edge first and then spiraled it to the center. I hand stitched the wire word to the background and added some hand stitching in orange in a few places.

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Spooky House

Tuesday, 26. August 2014 18:26 | Author:

For a quilt guild challenge, we were to create a small quilt based on paint chips with color names starting the with same letters as our initials. My colors where Charcoal sketch (Black), Autumn sunset (orange) and Plum (purple).
A few years ago, I found drawing of a haunted house that’s been in my inspiration file.  I thought my colors would be fitting to turn it into a quilt. I traced the design on fusible webbing and ironed it to black fabric. I cut out the house and all the windows. Then cut pieces of orange and purple to fill the windows with light and curtains. I outlined stitched the house in black and then added some additional stitching in orange. I stitched words on the background and lines around the border.
Spooky House (14” x 14”)
This little quilt has been donated to a small quilt auction our guild hosts every year in conjunction with our annual quilt show.

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Journal Covers

Monday, 25. August 2014 18:26 | Author:

I received an order for custom journals. Since I can’t make just one, a few hours later, once I started, all the sudden, I realized I had started 8 journal covers. The covers are all complete, two have been filled with paper and shipped; the others are awaiting their pages.

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Notebook Covers

Sunday, 24. August 2014 18:26 | Author:

I used a composition notebook for work, but I like to have something with character sitting on my desk.
With school supplies on sale, I picked up 5 notebooks and used fabrics I found a local quilt shop to make some pretty covers. This tutorial is close to the method I used. However, I stitched the pretty fronts to canvas fabric instead of batting so they are less bulky. I also don’t include the button closure.
These notebook covers will definitely make taking notes for work more fun!

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Saturday, 23. August 2014 18:46 | Author:

This was the reality of the tables in my sewing room on Thursday – an explosion of projects in progress, direction changes and laziness. The floor looked even worse.
*Sigh* It still looks like that now, despite finishing a few of those projects and being home most of the day. I plowed through some administrative projects instead of cleaning and organizing. Maybe tomorrow I will uncover my cutting mat and ironing pad and get stitching.

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Fun From Troy

Thursday, 21. August 2014 20:53 | Author:

My husband sends pet photos with captions to me and our friends every day. I thought I would share a few of my favorites with you.

If Carrie were a cat
Ready for pick up
I love bubbles

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