Thread Drawn Portraits

Tiny thread drawn portraits each measuring 3.5” x 4.5” (or close to that).
I’ve been adding extra fabric to the backgrounds – it’s fun to incorporate the fabric into the drawing.

Anyone have suggestions for what word to add in my next batch?

Ouch and Art Making

I wanted to spend time sewing on Friday, like this girl. But instead I got to visit the dentist – twice! Thankfully my teeth are feeling better and despite being at the dentist’s office, I had a fun time in the chair.
She loves making art (10” x 13”)
Thankfully, on Saturday, after teaching a class, I snuck in some studio time to do some thread drawing. Yay!

Love Her New Coat

When it’s 1 degree as you get groceries, you find yourself grateful for a warm coat. Gloves, scarf and cute hat don’t hurt either. I don’t have a new coat this year; I am still loving my wool peacoat with it’s big buttons and deep pockets. Do you have a favorite coat to keep you warm on chilly days?
She loves her new coat (6.5” x 14”)

She is Determined

Working in a fabric shop is good and bad. Seeing all the fabric can be inspiring, but it sometimes must come home with me no matter how determined I am not to add to my stash. Today was such a day – we received new Alison Glass fabrics in the shop – stuff I’d been thinking about when I saw it online. I couldn’t resist once I saw the luscious colors and touched how soft it was.
She is determined (5.5” x 9”)
I am now determined to find room for it on the shelves of my studio or use it by the end of week.

Looks at the Bright Side

A girl with her giraffe toy with words to help her remember to bloom, trust, imagine and live. This girl looks for the good in all.
She Looks at the bright side (6.5” x 14”)

I was stitching up these quilts as fast as my fingers would go. Moments like that help me to let go of how I used to do something and try a new way. In this case, I tried a new method to attach a dimensional skirt. It’s a more subtle look than the ribbon waistband. I want to try it again with a fuller skirt and see if I like the result too.