Ready for a Challenge

Saturday, 28. March 2015 13:27 | Author:

Thank you all for your kind words and support. Dexter is sorely missed, but we are celebrating the love, laughter and cuddles he brought to your home.
This piece seems fitting – not only did we lose Dexter this week, but we put in an offer to buy our first house. It was accepted! It’s scary and exciting and I’m sad and happy. For a 15 year renter, this is a welcome change.
She is ready for a challenge (5” x 9”)

I’m a bit numb from the highs and lows of the last few days, but ready to meet the challenges and surprises the next several week or months will bring. Today, I scheduled some fun time, so I won’t be too overwhelmed and I can enjoy the journey.

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Sad Day

Friday, 27. March 2015 7:31 | Author:

Our dear kitty Dexter passed away yesterday.


His personality filled our home and my heart swells for love for him.

Dexter is dearly missed.

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Purple is Her Happy

Tuesday, 24. March 2015 19:37 | Author:

What is your happy? What fills you with joy?
Anything purple is this girl’s happy. Lately, for me it’s a good night’s rest and sewing despite worrying about a sick kitty.
Purple is her happy (5” x 9”)

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Thrives in Sunlight

Monday, 23. March 2015 20:43 | Author:

Spring has arrived here with lots of sun and warmer temperatures.
Waiting for the ice to dissipate and mud to dry out, then there will be lots of biking.
She thrives in sunlight (5” x 9”)

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Smile – Change the World

Sunday, 22. March 2015 21:19 | Author:

Sometimes I need a reminder that my smile can change my attitude and brighten a dark mood. In doing so I can change the world by sparking other smiles.
Have you spread joy with your smile today?
Use your smile to change the world (8” x 14.5”)

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Bloom True Times Two

Thursday, 19. March 2015 21:19 | Author:

Bloom True 1 (6” x 9”)
This batik was so pretty and the print so large, a girl just couldn’t go on the backgrounds.
I stitched a giant flower for the quilting and then add stitched words and pretty buttons.
Bloom True 2 (6” x 9”)
One is portrait oriented and the other is landscape.
I like how the color of the buttons changes the mood of the piece.

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Take on the Day

Wednesday, 18. March 2015 21:19 | Author:

Some days I wake up ready to embrace the day; other days I need to ease into it. Are you ready to take on your day? I’ve
This girl is! She’s in a stylish jacket/sweater and day kicking’ boots.
She is ready to take on the day (5” x 9”)

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Happy in Green

Tuesday, 17. March 2015 20:50 | Author:

Happy St. Patrick’s Day! It’s not a bright green, but it went so well with this rust orange batik background.
I quilted around each of the light green/grey circles.
She is happy in green (5” x 9”)

A few STITCHED 2015 students have begun making their own Magpie Girl art quilts. It’s been so fun to see the progress of each piece. I’m torn on what class to dive into next: Stitching Doodles where you doodle stitch on a painting, Magic Fabric Cuff a stitched and embellished wrist adornment, or Lady of the Canyon and layer art quilt dense with hand stitching and beading. Thankfully I have a year to get to them all – I hope you’ll join the fun! STITCHED 2015

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Bloom – – Dream

Monday, 16. March 2015 6:32 | Author:

I hope pretty art is sufficient this Monday, as all my words seem jumbled today.

Bloom and Dream are available in my Etsy shop.

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Wander the World

Friday, 13. March 2015 21:54 | Author:

417 is my favorite number. I was so excited to find it on a clothing tag. I hoarded it for years until I started this magpie girl art quilt. It was the perfect color and adds a little more of me to this quilt. This is the art quilt I demo from start to finish in my class for STITCHED 2015.
This collection is mostly navy blue and bits of silver and a some white lace. Some of the charms stitched into the ruffles, I’d had for over a decade.
As I wander the world I do search for treasure – not always in charm or trinket form – sometimes in fabric, postcards or memories.
She wanders the world to find treasure (17” x 21”)

If you want to see how this quilt was created, sign up for STITCHED 2015. I’ve been having so much getting to know the students, watch the videos and create blocks based on the block-of-the-month pattern.

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