Yellow Hearts Bike

Sunday, 4. October 2015 6:36 | Author:

A white background stitched with lines and the word ‘bike’ holds a gray bike with a basket full of yellow hearts.
The simplicity works well for these pieces and each one makes me smile.
Yellow hearts bike (13” x 9”)

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Be Wild and Silly

Saturday, 3. October 2015 6:27 | Author:

A message to encourage fun this weekend.
Whether you plan to creative in your studio, dance in your kitchen or seek adventure outside, I hope you find yourself laughing.

Let go: be wild and silly (5.5” x 9”)

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Never Stop Being Cheerleaders

Friday, 2. October 2015 6:36 | Author:

Sometimes, I have extra people cut out for special projects. I don’t want them to not have a quilt home, so I crated this happy outdoor scene and added both of these extra handstand girls to the top.
I figured two girls with such precise movements had to be gymnasts or cheerleaders when they were younger.
They never stopped being cheerleaders (10” x 14”)

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Love Who You Are

Thursday, 1. October 2015 6:42 | Author:

Tiny flowers decorate a bright red skirt against a purple background.
Yellow blonde hair on a rosy cheeked girl. I don’t fussy cut faces for smaller girls as I like the randomness and happy accidents that occur. This face created over a subtle break in the text print, looks a little futuristic when you see a thumbnail of it. It’s almost as if she is wearing white lensed sunglasses.
Love who you are (5.5” x 9”)

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Adventure Together

Wednesday, 30. September 2015 6:30 | Author:

On this last day of September, the autumn colors of Anchorage have been replaced with a blanket of white snow. It’s quite beautiful, but in my studio the world is still green grass and blue skies with an occasional autumn piece popping up.
I’ve been creating more couples lately and I’ve been enjoying dressing the guys thanks to several Denyse Schmidt scrap bags I received as a gift. They have some great prints and solids that work for a men’s clothing.
They enjoy adventures together (9” x 12”)

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Discover Your Magic

Tuesday, 29. September 2015 6:11 | Author:

Almost 15 years ago, I was jotting down ideas for an online moniker to use when I join a fun group called the Postcard Fairies. The Postcard Fairies are a network of succulent folks who make and send postcards all over the world with a message that we are all connected. My usual online handle didn’t seem to fit and this was before Facebook made the use of real names common.
I had been re-reading SARK books and the Artist Way and the words that kept repeating in my journaling at the time were discover your manage, believe in your magic and make magic. I wasn’t referring to rabbit out of hat magic or supernatural magic. I was referring to the magic within each of us to create – create art, create happiness, create love.
Discover your magic (5.5” x 9”)
At that time, in a less than fulfilling office manager job, the believing part was most inspiring to me. Believe in Your Magic became Believe Yourself Magic and finally I wrote believemagic. My online name was found and still remains today as the name of my creative company.

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Dance the Night Away

Monday, 28. September 2015 6:24 | Author:

This quilt was an in-progress Magpie Girl class sample, meaning it was half finished for over a year. The background was fused, quilted and the girl had been added and outline stitched.
I wasn’t feeling the magpie vibe and the white dress was just so white. So I decided to play! Inspired by STITCHED 2015 out came the Dye-na-flow paint and the white dress became pink. I embellished the dress with some pink silk ribbon at the top and bias tape along the side. She even has a a flower cabochon glued on her wrist as a corsage.
She is ready to dance the night away (12” x 16”)

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Figures Pink

Sunday, 27. September 2015 6:22 | Author:

Earlier this year a local quilt shop was selling everything so they could move out of state – I picked up a yard or two of a few prints and continued to wade through the chaos. When I saw charm packs of the Zen Chic Figures line, I took almost all o them knowing that I had mini charm packs at home that had arrived with an online order.
When I started piecing this quilt together, we had recently created Buckeye Beauty blocks for a bee my modern quilting group is doing. I had made more half-square triangles than four patch blocks so I had to modify the pattern slightly.
There are still diamonds, but he secondary pattern is broken up. I love the overall effect. I know quilts created from a single fabric line can seem a bit boring, but I sometimes just want to sew without thinking about if the colors or needing to cut yardage into pieces.
On the back is a print with pink and yellow from some other fabric line. I liked the lightness of the backing against the blues and yellows on the front.
Inside is polyester batting and it’s quilted with my usual square spirals. Why polyester instead of my usual cotton batting? I had received several different battings from a friend and was trying them out. The quilt feels nice and my cats really enjoyed sitting on it while in progress. Unfortunately, we don’t really need another throw size quilt – 48” x 64”, so it’ll be available at an upcoming holiday bazaar.

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Make Time for Fun

Saturday, 26. September 2015 6:49 | Author:

Our modern lives are packed full of doing and often we forget the fun.
I’ve been trying to make it a priority to make time for fun everyday – doing the puzzles in the newspaper, dancing silly, watching a favorite shows, sewing/creating – anything that pulls me away from doing and lets my brain and hopefully my body experience joy.
Make time for fun (5.5” x 9”)
What fun activities do you make time for?

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Purple Bike

Friday, 25. September 2015 6:24 | Author:

A purple polka dot frame and ‘bike happy’ stitched into the background.
The basket is filled with a tiny tree and lots of flowers while ‘bike for fun’ is stitched in the background.
Purple Bike (13” x 9”)
It’s Friday! I usually refill the ingredients in my fridge on Fridays and start new projects that I whip up on the weekends. I can’t decide between journals or art quilts – maybe a bit of both. We’ll see where the day goes.

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