Wish Upon Stars

Tuesday, 24. May 2016 22:29 | Author:

After I finished this piece, I noticed the “don’t” near her neck. I don’t often fuss about where body parts are on the fabric, I let serendipity happen and enjoy the results. I think this girl has a tattoo that say, “don’t stop dreaming.”
Wish upon stars (5.5” x 9”)

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Through the Forest

Monday, 23. May 2016 21:56 | Author:

I have not been biking through the forest, I have been stitching through a forest of 2 1/2” and 4 1/2” squares. It took longer than planned (of course it did) but finally, 143 four patch blocks and almost 200 squares came together to create a quilt top that will be a wedding gift. I finished the last seam and hung it over the banner. Then, I noticed that two blocks were out of order. Ugh! I ripped out 8 seams and switched them around and yay it’s done!
He enjoys biking through the forest (9” x 12”)

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Sewing Machine Music to Her Soul

Saturday, 21. May 2016 21:27 | Author:

Today was spent cutting strips and squares, string piecing, pressing and more cutting until I got tired. It was a fun day!
The sound of her sewing machine was music to her soul (9” x 12”)

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Dreams to Remember

Friday, 20. May 2016 21:15 | Author:

It rained and more is predicted! I was excited to see a few umbrellas and rain boots and just to know that the dust won’t be blowing around in the wind when it’s wet. I’m apparently easily excited!
She dreams to remember (9” x 12”)

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Reader Creativity

Thursday, 19. May 2016 22:31 | Author:

I love seeing quilters, artists and crafters creating pieces inspired by my patterns and creations.
Sharon created this parachute art quilt from a photo of her friend – complete with mountain in the background and a motivational saying: “she soars past all obstacles in her path”.
Sharon didn’t stop at just one quilt, she adapted the Umbrella Girl 2 pattern to create this painter. I love the art on the wall and the brick pattern in the green reminds me of my childhood art classroom. The sentiment says, “she is at home with a brush in her hand.”
Last week, three ladies visited my home for a private class. When presented with all the pattern options, two opted for the Sew Cute Quilter and the other asked for a baseball player.
In shopping my studio for fabrics, they found a print with Chinese cats on it. We fussy cut them out and added them to each quilt. Cookie added several on a shelf in the quilter’s studio. I like the floral print sewing machine – sew cute.
Laura added hers to the studio floor. Notice that green sewing machine – such fun to create a sewing machine of your dreams!
Vicki’s baseball player is great – the fabric she picked for the shoes is perfect and hat is adorable.
I do like that fun detail that the Chinese cat added to each of their quilts. It’s a great reminder of the fun day we spent playing with fabric!

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Ready for Fun

Wednesday, 18. May 2016 22:53 | Author:

All dressed up and no where to go – except the office supply store! A trip that includes refilling my supply of tape, glue sticks and binder clips is always fun. Am I alone in my enjoyment of an office supply store?
She’s ready for fun (6” x 11”)

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Beautiful Life

Tuesday, 17. May 2016 20:37 | Author:

Last night was filled with crazy dreams including night terrors about being attacked by vines of ivy.

Those aren’t the dreams I was thinking about when I created this piece. I was thinking about dreaming BIG – goals for a wonder filled life and creating the life we can imagine for ourselves.
She imagines a beautiful life (5.5” x 9”)

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Small Banner

Monday, 16. May 2016 20:37 | Author:

After a few requests to purchase the banners I had in my art fair booth, I created some smaller versions.
I like how they turned out.

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Quilt Shop Happy

Sunday, 15. May 2016 21:53 | Author:

Working in a quilt shop is really fun – helping customers select fabrics to finish projects, organizing fabrics and hand stitching bindings. Today was a treat though. We have a booth at a local market and each weekend we could be working at market instead of the shop. Today was almost 70 degrees and clear skies, a light breeze off the water – it was an amazing day to be working at the market – talking to people, watching people and just enjoying the beautiful day even if I came home with a bit of a sunburn.
In a quilt shop she is happy (9” x 12”)

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Happy Outside

Saturday, 14. May 2016 21:58 | Author:

Another gorgeous day in Alaska – not many leaves blowing around, but lots of allergens. Still nice to get outside even if my eyes are now watering and my nose was to run away.
She is happy outside (8” x 14”)
This background was created from strips of cut up quilts. All those trimmed edges of quilts I created too big have a new life. It’s a fun technique as I try to get scraps to fit together.

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