Fluffy Kitty

My Fluffy kitty got sick last weekend. On Wednesday she had surgery for an obstruction in her GI track. As my doodling shows, I was worried about her. Fluffy returned home on Thursday with instructions to not run or jump for 10 days while she heals. Her bandage is off, she is eating and we […]

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Meet Nati as in the last 4 letters of Cincinnati. Isn’t she cute? We adopted her last week from an animal shelter. She’s 6 months old and off to the vet on Wednesday. By day two in our apartment she was playing with Gigabit and Dexter. And she even let us clip her nails. Note

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Four years and two weeks ago we brought home a tiny fuzzy kitty. He had a loud meow, an insatiable appetite to play and was always exploring. We named him Pounce de Leon – called him Pounce or Pouncer for short. Since that day he has brought us such joy and laughter. But today has

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Kitty Update

Gigabit (aka Bitty) is home. He spent the night with the vet and the injections they gave him helped to break up the partial blockage and he had some energy back. Troy brought him home yesterday morning. He spent a few hours constantly in and out of the litter box but after getting some medicine

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