3 thoughts on “Cat Emergency Fund Raising Auction”

  1. For the photographically minded, we’ll be selling an Olympus C5050z digital camera very very soon. Contact either Carrie or myself to make an offer, or to eBay it will go in a week or so. It’s a great high-end point and shoot digital camera.

    For folks who want the gory details of Pouncer’s surgery and recovery, see my blog starting on May 28. If you just want to see photos of his naked spotted tummy and stitches, that’s okay too.

  2. I hope you don’t mind but I linked this entry and the auctions to an entry on my site. maybe it will round up a few more people to check out your things. and other crafters are always willing to pay a better price for handcrafted things then non-crafters. I plan on bidding on a few things myself once I have my ebay allowance!!

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