What I’ve Been Doing – Dexter


The majority of the past week has been filled with worry. Dexter had been losing weight very quickly and not eating. For years one of the vets in our clinic has been telling us Dexter needed his teeth removed (all of them). We had his teeth cleaned once before and it was very rough on him – the idea of putting him through it again was not appealing and removing ALL of his teeth sounded crazy.

We got a second opinion last Monday and the vet thought that removing a few of his teeth would get him eating again. So Wednesday Dexter had 6 teeth removed (none of major ones). Friday we were back at the vet because Dexter was still not eating despite the vet saying he should be eating within 36 hours of surgery. Dexter has lost another pound in 4 days!

We are still waiting on blood work check his liver or GI functions, but it appears the pain medication was making him ill. He got an anti-nausea injection and we were sent home with oral anti-nausea medication. Thankfully late Saturday after stopping his pain medication, he perked up and began to eat treats.

Today he finally seems more like himself – he actually ate food from his bowls instead of just treats. I’m crossing my fingers I can worry a lot less now.

4 thoughts on “What I’ve Been Doing – Dexter”

  1. Poor Dexter. Poor Carrie, I know how you must be worried. Hugs to both of you. I am sorry for the pain both of you are in.

  2. Awe poor Dexter! I must have skipped over this blog! I’m glad he is better now! Daisy pup also had 6 teeth removed with her last cleaning so I understand your worry!

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