Basting Time


Dexter likes when I baste quilts; there’s a big stack of quilt goodness for him to nap on. As you can see, he is doing well.

I managed to baste 7 quilts: 4 for charity, 2 for gifts and another because the fabric was pretty – they range in size from baby to twin.

I thought I would also share a photo of where/how I baste quilts.


In the garage! I used to clear out the dining room and baste there but the folding tables are already in the garage so why not sweep that floor, put down the drop cloths and get busy? I secure the layers to the table with clamps and spray baste. I stopped pinning when I began bleeding on quilts.

2 thoughts on “Basting Time”

  1. Carrie I use 2 of those table in my garage too, but I also use bed risers on all the legs so I don’t have bend over and get an achy back. The bed risers bring the tables up to a nice comfortable height.

  2. Carrie (and Daryl),

    I recently bought two tables at Costco that have legs that will adjust to a standing height! Awesomeness! I use them for cutting and for my basting process and can’t recommend them highly enough.

    Dexter is beautiful! My two cats have radar for my being anywhere near fabric. How do they know? 🙂


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