Inside My Studio Before a Show

Others often marvel at my method of creating multiple pieces at once, so I thought I would share some snippets of what my studio looked like as I made a slew of new art quilts. This doesn’t just happen when I’m prepping for a show; at least once a month, usually twice a month, I kick into high productivity mode and create 4-30 art quilts in a week.
April 19th: notebooks to keep me organized and sane; patterns for girls, appliqué pieces cut out and ready to be fused
April 23: trying to keep things organized and quilting backgrounds. If a background will be quilted with multiple colors of thread, I don’t work on one background at at time – I work on one thread color at a time. That’s why the trees in the background are quilted but the green and brown parts are not.
April 24: All the sudden, I knew I needed to make more medium size quilts, so I sketched out the pattern for the girl
April 24: I finished quilting over 45 backgrounds in sizes from 8” x 8” to 16” x 24”
April 26th: Appliqué designs are fused in place and ready for outline stitching and I decide that I won’t be finishing all the quilts I have started before the show. As of May 7th, there are still 7 not yet finished – that’s okay (something to work on next week).
April 30th: I finished photographing the 39 quilts I did complete and they are ready for packaging

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  1. Thanks Carrie for a view into your quilt making world. I have a question. If you quilt your backgrounds before you applique and you don’t use binding on your quilts, then do you sew a facing around your quilts to finish them? Or what?

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